Extra Safety Tips for Infants Every Mom Should Know

The safety of her baby should be every mother’s top priority. The babies are completely dependent on their parents, especially their mother, to keep them safe.

Listed below are some safety tips for your little ones.

Baby Accidents Prevention

To prevent accidents and make sure that your baby is well-protected, keep the following in mind:

* Keep all sharp objects, such as scissors and tools, away from the baby.
* Don’t shake or throw the baby in the air when playing with her/him. Shaking and throwing may lead to blindness or brain damage.
* Don’t leave the baby alone with a pet or young sibling, even if he/she is asleep.

Walking and Crawling Safety

Expect things to be more challenging when the baby begins to crawl and walk.

Here are the important reminders to keep in mind to prevent mishaps around the house:

* Secure the cords and make sure that the baby will not trip over them.
* Cover the electrical outlets properly to prevent electrocution.
* Eliminate tablecloth or anything that the crawling or walking baby may pull and cause something to fall on her/him.
* Put stops in all the drawers to prevent the baby from pulling them out.
* Avoid putting anything in high places without securing them. You need to make sure that nothing will fall on your baby while he/she is crawling and walking even when your baby suddenly bumps or pulls on something.
* When you install safety gates, avoid those with diamond-shaped slats or any design that allows your baby to climb them. Choose the gates with vertical, straight slats.
* Store medications, cleaners, and toxic substances away from your baby. Keep them locked in a cabinet as much as possible.
* Don’t store cleaning agents in jars or bottles that could be mistaken for something edible. Use clear containers to see the content of the jar or label them properly.
* Keep your baby away from tools and machinery that may cause harm to him/her. It is natural for young children to be curious, and their curiosity almost always puts them in danger.
* When going out, protects your baby’s skin by making him/her wear a hat with a brim and long-sleeved shirt. Avoid staying out for too long, especially between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm when the sun is glaring.
* Install locks in places where your baby should not access, and keep the area closed while he/she is playing near that prohibited zone.
* It is wise to replace or choose furniture pieces with round corners. You may also cushion the hard edges and move them away from areas with high traffic.
* Make sure that the unsteady furniture pieces, such as display cabinets, are secured properly to prevent them from falling.

Making Toys Safe

A child plays a lot and will naturally want to have lots of toys. Don’t deprive your baby of toys just because you wanted to make sure that no harm will come to your baby. Toys can stimulate the children’s senses, develop their hand-eye coordination, create balance, enhance their creativity, and help shape their dreams.

There are a few simple things that you need to do to make sure that your child is playing with a safe toy.

* Always inspect your child’s toy for possible tear, part breakage, or anything that may cause choking. Remember that a child loves to put things in his/her mouth. You need a toy that has no small parts that can be chewed or taken apart.
* Buy toys that are bigger than the mouth of your child. Do a toilet paper roll test. The toy should not fit inside an empty tube of toilet paper to be considered safe.
* Keep the toys in a chest without cover.

Safety while Travelling in a Car

Some babies meet their demise due to a faulty car seat, improper placement, or due to mishandling.

Here are the important things you should consider to keep the baby safe while aboard a moving car.

* Choose the car seat that meets the safety standards of the government and your baby’s preference. There are so many car seats in the market, and choosing the most suitable one can be tedious. According to the reviews from elitecarseats.com can help you find the most suitable car seat for your baby. You will learn the different features, pros and cons, prices, and other important matters about the different car seats.

*Follow the manufacturer’s warning and instructions when setting up the car seat in your car. Do not place your baby on your lap while in a moving car. It is also advisable not to put the baby in the front seat of the car. The safest location to put the car seat is the center part of the back seat.

* Always lock the car trunk and doors, especially when the car is in the garage or parked near the house. Make sure that your little one is not in the car when you lock it.

The number one rule is not to leave your child unattended even for a second. If you need to do some chores, make sure to put your baby close to you so you can go to her/him immediately in case something happens.

The power to keep your baby safe from harm is in your hands. You need to be attentive and alert all the time, and make sure that everything in your home is safe and secure. Prevention is always the most practical solution in protecting your baby.

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