Educated Women attract Men: Tips for Self-Development

In recent times, owing to the advent of social media, there has been a growth in the number of support for personal development and self-development for both genders. Support for feminism itself has been on the rise and has not only affected the female gender alone but also has educated the male gender on its goals and intended accomplishment – which is to provide an equal right for both male and females in all spheres of life. Apart from the fact that this is a general movement, females are expected to work more on themselves, given the self improvement tips constantly provided by motivational speakers and books.

It is no news that most males are sapiosexual – meaning they are attracted to intelligent women. This is also backed up with statistics from researcher Helen Fisher, Ph.D., who claims that men desire better educated, intelligent and smart women. Some men also added that they would prefer a confident woman by their side. All these point to the fact that while it is pertinent for a female to get educated, it is also their assignment to make personal development an important factor in their daily lives.

Outlined below are a couple of traits men love about women:

· They love women who treat others the way she wants to be treated:

Most of the time, this boils down to her expectations and desire in life, particularly from a relationship. Respect, they say, is reciprocal. Dish out respect and watch how men will come frolicking around you seeing that you appreciate the value you see in others. Asides this, the best bet is you have a lot of “assignment for me” list of achievements you wish to accomplish. Invest in yourself and bring those accomplishments to life. Still, remember that there is nothing wrong in asking for help in case you need some. Especially, this applies to young women who are pursuing their education and try to seek balance between social and romantic life and studying. In this regard, assignment help Australia online has done quite a lot of justice in helping those women by not only providing assignment help, but actually freeing some time for them to be able to work out their own self development definition – something that allows them to know what has to be improved and in what ways.

· Men love sophisticated women:

Intelligent conversations can only be borne out of experiences that are vast and rich in substance. These can only be possible if both parties are well-traveled or knowledgeable about things outside of their scope or immediate environment. Not only in career should you be well-rounded, but also in terms of culture and social happenings around the world. It is just a major attraction for both sexes to have a conversation with someone who knows something about virtually everything.

· They love women who are constantly developing themselves:

This really drives home the point of having dreams, aspirations, and working towards achieving them. Men love to see progress and positive change, and most times, they key into helping a woman nurture these things and bring them to life. A constant state of development translates to a working mind and most importantly, one full of ideas.

· Men love appreciative women:

It’s no news that a lot of women can be rather snobbish and outrightly demanding. It is fine to feel you deserve a thing, that shows you have a lot of self-worth and appreciation for yourself. This doesn’t exclude appreciating others when they do something nice for you also. Appreciation depicts humility, and not only men but also women love that.

· They love optimistic women:

Positive energy is expected from both sexes, and men love to see it ooze out of a woman. Women are naturally compelling, and when they possess the drive to do something, they go all out to achieve it. Optimism and confidence are usually the driving force behind this act, and it is worthwhile for a woman to have these traits.

Now that the traits men love have been established, below are a couple of tips to plans for self-development:

· Begin the process now:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.” If there is a need for you to get expert assignment help in order to create a personal development plan for you, then do so. Simplify your self-development goals and take them one at a time and make sure you always have your eyes on the bigger picture.

· Learn from People:

It is not healthy to copy other people but is it good to take a cue from them. Learn from both their successes, gain what you need to, avoid their mistakes, and see how you can do better in the areas they have failed. It would also help if you got a mentor or a life coach to help and guide you through your development process.

· Adopt Change:

“Change is the only constant thing in life,” and although some changes can be difficult to accept, it is only wise to do so. The world itself is evolving, and by default, everyone too has to evolve with the changes. The ones particular to your growth and development are important, so do not ignore the hunch to change whatever needs to in order for you to progress.

· Be Appreciative and Accountable:

Accountability and appreciation go hand in hand, and these two should be implemented in your developmental process. You are in charge of your life and your development, so do all you can to make sure your progress is as desired. Remember to also appreciate the little accomplishments you make as you progress in your plan.

· Set goals and Challenge Yourself to achieve them:

Your goals should be driven by your passion, and your development plan should include a step-by-step approach as to how to achieve them. If it works for you, there are planners you can get online that will track your progress and tell you where you are faulting. Do make sure you set goals that you can accomplish, so you don’t get yourself worked up to failure.

Developing yourself is the only way to feel confident and make others see the confidence in you. Whether at work, in the neighborhood or around family and friends, women who invest in their self-development are usually the ones that attract the eyes and attention of people. So invest in yourself today and achieve that goal you set!

Thanks to Jessica Vanier

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