Is Sex the only way to Pleasure Your Partner?

Is Sex the only way to Pleasure Your Partner?

Of course not, try a Sensual Massage

The sense of touch is extremely important for sexuality. While sex is usually the most obvious way to provide pleasure for your partner, there are other ways as well. One of them is a sensual massage, a way to incorporate the sense of touch into sexual activity. Couples all over the world use it as a way to enhance romantic and sexual life. With that in mind, the history using sensual massage oil dates back as far as 1,500 and 2,000 years ago. Back then, people in China and India, used specific forms of sensual massage, like tantric massage, to include a spiritual aspect and physical aspect.

A good massage can feel damn near orgasmic, and even hold you over when you are going through a dry spell. Sensual massage can also improve the levels of oxytocin, the sex hormone as many people know. With that in mind, here are 9 areas you can use for a sensual massage for your partner.

The Face

One of the forgotten parts of arousal, the face can stimulate quite a satisfaction. Using two fingers from each hand, gently press the temples for several seconds simultaneously. From there, slowly move the fingers down the cheeks at the same time.

Make tiny circular movements as you move down the face, and when you reach the jaw, stimulate the lips using just one index finger. The lips are packed with sensory neurons that will produce high amounts of pleasure.

Front of the Neck

This is probably one area you will never think about touching. But taking care of the front of the neck will stimulate the thyroid, a gland that also regulates energy and sex drive, two important body functions.

Start by making circles around Adam’s apple, using one fingertip in wide and fluid motions. From there, brush your lips along the hollow of the throat and massage the area with your tongue. Use wide and soft circles with your tongue.

The Ear

People love when you whisper in their ears. It is sexually addictive, but also arousing. Well, take things to the next level, by not only whispering but also massaging their ear. Gently squeeze and pull the earlobe between your thumb and forefinger, all while using your tongue to trace the C-shaped zone on the outer edge of the ear. If it tickles, go slower.

The Lower Back

This goes back to acupuncture practitioners. They believe that the kidneys are actually a source of sexual energy. You might believe it or not, but it is worth trying. For this purpose, you have to locate the sacrum first. That is a flat triangular bone located at the base of the spine, directly between the hips.

The sacrum contains little holes that are just loaded with nerve endings. Use your palms, knead them into it, and make sure to generate heat and warm the skin. From there, move your fingertips from the base of the spine upward and apply firm pressure.

The Palms

One of the first things you do with your boyfriend/girlfriend, even at a young age, is to hold hands. Well, there is more to the hands and palms than just holding them. Try gently massaging the inner section of the palm.

Circle your partner’s outer palm with the pads of your fingers, and then slowly make your way to the center, which is the more sensitive area.

The Stomach

Bonus, if your partner has some nice abs, this will feel good for both of you. Speaking of the stomach massage, start by tapping two fingers from the naval to the base of his penis. Yes, this is a massage designed for women to give to their partner.

Circle his belly button with your fingertips, and make the circles bigger and bigger as you move to the outer abdomen. Be careful not to tickle your partner, you want to make him moan.

Behind the Knees

This might sound a little gross, and unpleasant, but hey, try it. Logic dictates it. The skin behind the knees is very thin and loaded with super-sensitive nerve endings. Make your partner lie on his/her stomach, and then gently scratch behind each knee. The goal is to bring some heat to the skin before moving your tongue back and forth.

The Dip under the Ankle

Women love foot massages, but you have to start from the ankle to get there. Halfway between the heel and the ankle bone, there is a finger-tip size pressure point that feels super-hot when stimulated.

Glide two fingers from the ankle bone down to the hollow indent above the heel. Pulse the fingers, but maintain a steady pace. You can switch up the sensation by lightly licking the area.

Soles of the Feet

Now, this is the feet massage you always wanted to give and receive. There is a direct line from the feet to other erogenous points of the body. Start by grazing your knuckles from the feet to the pad of the foot, just behind the toes.

Benefits of Sensual Massage

Benefits of sensual massage There is more to a sensual massage than just arousal.

Here are some benefits of massage with your partner:

• The erotic massage can help you learn to let go of inhibitions, especially if you have problems with nudity
• Sensual massage improves muscle and joint health. The benefits of massage for aching muscles and overworked joints are well-known, as sensual massage stimulates circulation and relaxes the muscles
• For men, prostate massage can improve erections, while for women, perineal massage can stimulate blood flow to the genitals, and provide even more pleasure. For men, perineal massage can also improve erection
• Erotic massages improve relationships between partners, as they feel more intimate. It can be also beneficial for long-time partners, as a way to spice things up in the bedroom
• Sensual massages help both partners be more open and conscious of their own feelings and emotions, as well as those of their partner
• Last, but not least, sensual massages prevent and treat anxiety and stress

From there on, rub the pad in circular motions using your thumbs. Apply strong pressure to avoid a tickling sensation. If you want to take it to the next level, pull the big toe to you, and give it a kiss.

Thanks to Christina Wyman

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