Great Variations for the African Prom Dresses

When the goal is to look for a party dress, probably the first reference that women seek is on American red carpets, European or even major events. This custom, however, is about to change – or at least it should.

That’s because the African girls are raging on Instagram. A time for graduation parties, the hashtag African prom has gained tremendous notoriety-not for the number of posts, but for their quality.

Not to mention that one of the most important trends for the coming seasons is the mix of cultures, influenced by styles and cultures from different places and with great visual richness, such as Cuba, Africa and Eastern Europe.

In relation to the African party dresses, at first it is the prints that attract attention. Super colorful tribes, hypnotizing geometries and colors that run away from what we’re used to already captivate right away. In a second look, you can notice the models and materials. More structured fabrics, high waistlines, necklines and cutouts also deserve attention.

Why wear a dress?

If women have the advantage of having an infinity of possibilities of looks, the dress remains and remains however the queen of the wardrobe. True symbol of femininity, she has always been able to highlight the curves and shapes of women.

Wearing a dress gives us insurance

Generally when you wear an African prom dress your body and your approach adopt a charismatic, feminine attitude and give us confidence. Pay attention the next time you wear a dress, you notice that you will receive more compliments than usual, not to mention the admiring glances.

Wear a dress highlights your silhouette

You can tend to think that the dress highlights your little complexes. That no! On the contrary! When you know the morphology of your body, it is very simple and easy to choose the dress that will sublimate our silhouette.

Wearing a dress distinguishes us from others

With the multitude of choices you have today, you tend to opt for pants, so it is easier to wear and without a headache. Wearing a dress will allow you to distinguish ourselves from others and will more easily attract attention on you. To you, compliments!

Wear a dress is simple and fast

No need to break your head to find which top will go with which pants or which skirt. Put on a dress quickly and you win a considerable time.

To wear a dress is to opt for comfort

You will feel free of your movements in a dress. Unlike pants, the dress does not serve everywhere, you can feel less cramped and sweat less.

How to wear the African dress?

The dress is an asset of undeniable seduction. It reveals our femininity in all its splendor. To wear an African dress is to choose several parameters. First, the choice of the cut, then comes the choice of color, and finally, the choice of print wax.

It can be worn on all occasions, in party dress, party or day. It is nevertheless very important to know how to choose your dress according to its morphology in order to make the most of the benefits of the dress. Here is the ultimate guide to choosing your dress according to its morphology.

For round silhouettes

The word that best defines your silhouette is harmony. Do not try to hide your forms, on the contrary, put your assets in value! To enhance your feminine curves, choose a dress that highlights your curves and in which you feel comfortable. Feel free to wear bright colors and medium-sized prints.

The African dresses that fit you are:

Dresses with a V-neckline (not too much either) that enhance your generous bust and slim your waist.

Blouse dresses with belt to mark waist

The trapeze dresses, the fitted dresses, they bring a harmony to your silhouette.

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