WORKSHOP: APR 16 – The Mother Wound in Communication

What beliefs did you unconsciously inherit from your mother and the women who came before you that influence your ability to communicate today? Did you even know that was a thing?

The ‘Mother Wound’ is passed on from generation to generation and engages the challenges a woman experiences as she navigates being female and finding her way in a patriarchal society. While we have made great strides to transform a lot of those challenges, many of us continue to carry unconscious belief systems and patterns that keep us playing small, not speaking up, not expressing how we really feel and not using our voices to the full strength of our potential.

What would it mean for your business or career, relationships and living a life of true purpose and fulfillment if you became aware of those unconscious beliefs and patterns, shifted them and used your voice to the full strength of your potential?

In this workshop, we’re going to:

*Get a better understanding of the ‘Mother Wound’ and how specifically it constrains our ability to communicate powerfully in today’s world

*Journey into the past to trace back your specific familial, cultural and societal beliefs and patterns that create communication challenges for you today

*Identify how these beliefs and patterns impact your ability to use your voice and communicate with confidence currently

*Learn about tools to release and shift problematic beliefs and patterns, so they don’t get passed on to the generations that will come after us

*Create new beliefs that support you to communicate powerfully and use your voice to the full strength of your potential now

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Workshop takes place at HuddleSpace 27-2355 Derry Rd. E. Mississauga ON L5S 1V6

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