8 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Wife this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and it’s that time of year where you work your brain hard trying to find a great gift for your significant other. Getting your wife a gift is in fact much harder than it seems. Of course, there are gifts like Customized Bobblehead Dolls that can go down a treat, but not every gift idea will be as effective. Whether it’s your first year being married or your 10th, it’s not an easy choice to make when deciding on what gift to get the woman you love. It’s never really about the cost; you could go and spend a fortune and still come up with a poor gift. It’s about how thoughtful the gift is and how much effort you put into it. Chances are your wife –– like many women out there –– doesn’t really care how much you spent on the gift, but rather the effort you put into it. There are so many different types of gifts that you can get for the woman you love, from things like flowers, chocolate or something a bit different like a Photo Wallet. However, no matter how much you know your wife, getting a unique present can be a stressful thing.

Yet, it’s not that simple as saying “get a unique gift.” A few years and a dozen or two gifts later, you start running out of ideas and you dread the day when you have to go out and pick a gift. You’re in luck; these are some unique gift ideas to get your wife this Valentine’s Day.

Spa gift certificate

While not groundbreaking, a spa gift certificate is probably something your wife needs. Whether she has a job or is a stay at home mother, chances are she’s doing plenty of work and could use some time off to relax and have some time for herself. You could even make it a weekly or monthly subscription kind of thing. What could be better than pampering your wife regularly and treating her to some much needed beauty day at the spa? You can rest assured she’d appreciate such a gesture.


Picture this: you’re married for some time now, and the spark naturally faded a little bit. You can get her a scrapbook chronicling all your history and every photograph you together over the years, from your first date to the wedding and birth of first child, and so on. A romantic scrapbook is an excellent idea, and while simple, it shows effort and care which your wife would appreciate. Plus, you’ll probably have some fun yourself going down memory lane and remembering the time of your life with your significant other.

A locket

Ever seen the movie “the Illusionist”? There was this very cool locket depicted in the film that has an oval shape, and when turned changes into a heart shaped locket with a small picture inside. You can actually buy that online! If your wife happens to be a cinephile, chances are she knows the film and would fall in love with such a gift. You can put a picture of you two in the locket and give it to your wife. This is going the extra mile really; you need to get creative and send a unique gift when flowers won’t do.

Movie memorabilia

On the same note of the missus being a cinephile, it’s always a great gift to get someone who loves movies that much a memorabilia from one of their favorite films. It can be a magical wand from a Harry Potter film or the one ring from the Lord of the Rings. You’d be surprised how many movie memorabilia are being sold out there, and they’re usually of great quality.

Romantic weekend together

Just think how excited your wife would be if you walked in on her with plane tickets to the Bahamas or Bali! There’s nothing like taking some time off to enjoy your love and rekindle the spark. And leave the kids with your parents!

Something she casually mentioned

It helps to pay attention to what your wife usually says. She might’ve casually mentioned she enjoys books but doesn’t have much time to read. Maybe an Audible subscription then? Or she’s having a hard time with the dishes. Then you need to go get out a dishwasher. Maybe her mobile is getting old and you’ve seen her struggle with it. Whatever it is, go get her what she needs!

Vintage gift

Though we like buying new stuff for the most part, sometimes going vintage is the answer. If your wife happens to be a wine connoisseur, go and buy the oldest and most expensive bottle you can afford. She’d love that and save it for a special occasion. Maybe she’s a Beatles fan; then scour thrift shops and antique stores and find her an authentic, old Beatles record or something. Custom gifts are the best kind of gifts really.

Signature jewelry

While jewelry isn’t the most unique of gifts, you can make it to be so. Instead of getting an ordinary watch, get her a brand she loves and have it inscribed on the back. Or maybe a new wedding ring after all those years of marriage!

Effort and time are key

Whatever it is you decide to get, just make sure you put in the effort and time to gift. A lot of the gifts do go wrong, because they weren’t well thought of and not enough time and consideration was given to the gifts. You can easily avoid that by making this Valentine’s gift important and a priority. If the gift wasn’t a success then, then you’ll know you did your best, which is all you can do at the end of the day really.

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