Poker: The Successful Women Dominating the Game

Poker Women | Looking at the Women Winning the Big Tournaments

Here we celebrate the women taking charge of the casino world and shaking up the idea that all pokers stars are male. Women are just as partial to a cheeky game of online roulette and these women are showing they are capable of winning in an extraordinary fashion.

There are a number of well-known players emerging from behind the stack of cards, as poker is now the main choice for those looking to strike it rich from what is a very enjoyable game.

Since the game of Poker ‘boomed’ in the early 2000’s it has gone from online success stories to world tournament events. A game which is now filmed and televised all over the world. Here we look at the stars finding fame from a very good deal.

Vanessa Selbst

Only in her early 30s, Vanessa is one of the youngest poker players to reach lofty success. She is in fact, the most successful female poker player thus far. She has won consecutive North American Tournaments for Poker, the first in 2010 and then in 2011 where defended her titles as champion. She left Yale University with a Political Science degree and has since amassed a fortune over $11 million.

Vanessa Rousso

Another success story surrounds this mid 30’s poker player. She’s been in the PokerStars team for a decade now and is a spokesperson for a number of reputable business in the world of casinos. She has yet to win any titles or bracelets for her achievements but has still managed to win over $3.5 million from her time playing in tournaments and final tables.

Annette Obrestad

Only in her late twenties, Annette became an online success finding her casinos via, where she would register with a number of online casino tournaments to play from her own home. She won a string of high-profile wins across a number of different sites and played off of the free bonuses which would be offered out to new members. She went on to play the World Series of Poker and in 2007 took the bracelet.

Jennifer Harman

Being a former girlfriend of poker player Todd Brunson, it seems she learned a few tricks whilst in the relationship. Jennifer has played a number of finals tables in her time and is a popular feature on poker shows on the T.V. But her greatest claim is not that of television fame, but she is only one of two poker players that holds two of the WSOP bracelet.

Kathy Liebert

Having raked in more than $6 million from her time playing, Kathy is one of the most famous of Poker Star players. She won her first title back in 2004 and has since gone on to win four World Poker Tournaments.

Many Stars Shining Bright at the Table

Poker is a great game and simple to play and is now seeing a huge rise in female players enjoying the riches of the game. Up and coming women to look out for include Annie Duke, Ally Jaffrey Shulman, Lucille Cailly, Maria Ho, Joanne Liu and Liv Boeree.

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