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Career Advancement Strategies For Smart Women Who Want REAL Answers

You’re brilliant, and you have the advanced technical and business degrees to prove it. There’s just one problem: you are overlooked, undervalued and un-promoted…and you’re not alone.

Since the high point in 1984 (seriously, 1984 was the high point), when 38% of all US computer science degrees were awarded to women in tech, more women have left tech than entered it year over year.

About Eleanor Beaton

Eleanor Beaton is a women’s leadership mentor and founder of Fierce Feminine Leadership, an organization that helps ambitious professional women leaders develop the confidence, presence, political savvy and influence they need to smash the glass ceiling and take their seats at the tables where the big deals and big decisions are made.

Eleanor is also an award-winning journalist and host of the Fierce Feminine Leadership podcast.

She has served as Chair of the Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program at the Yale School of Management.

In 2017, she won the prestigious Profiles in Diversity “Women Worth Watching” Award for her work promoting diversity and inclusion. She was also named Canada’s Leadership Coach of the Year by the 2017 Corporate Excellence Awards.

Studies have shown that men and women start their careers with equal amounts of ambition…but as a whole, women become less and less promotable as we advance, a situation that can wreak havoc on your advancement and income potential.

I invite you to join me for an eye-opening free virtual masterclass where I’ll take you behind the scenes to reveal:

~ Why women’s drive and ambition is so frequently misunderstood and misinterpreted;
~ 5 critical reasons driven women like you are un-promoted (hint: it’s not your fault)
~ Whip-smart moves you can make to elevate your confidence and presence
~ Clever strategies to increase your promotability factor…and your all-important credibility (and believability!)

If you are ready or poised to fast-track your advancement this year, this virtual workshop is a must attend event.

Be sure to show up early. Demand for this workshop is extremely high, and our platform has limited capacity. I invite you to show up a few minutes ahead of time to ensure you secure your seat.

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