4 Tips for Running Your Own Catering Business

All your friends are telling you that you’re a great cook. Your kids say your buffets are to die for while your partner is more than happy to tell everyone you bake up a storm. All this praise leads you to think you might have what it takes to run your own catering business.

Before you jump in at the deep end and give up your day job, there are some things you need to know. There’s far more to running a successful catering business than being a great cook or baker. Work your way through the following steps, and you’ll soon be on the way to running a successful business.

1. Research the Marketplace

Your first step will be to check out who else is offering catering services in your area. Type “catering services near me” into your favourite search engine and see what pops up. Visit competitors’ websites and check out their menus and prices. See what other services they offer. Running a successful catering business is more than just providing tasty food. Potential customers are going to be looking for other benefits.

2. Choose Your Niche

After conducting your research, you may realise there is a gap in the market you can fill. You might, on the other hand, have an idea you want to pursue. There are a wide range of opportunities for anyone who wants to run a catering business. For example, do you want to target corporate events, such as banquets, golf outings, executive luncheons, team building events, and business meetings? Do you want to run a concession stand, or provide food at festivals, concerts, and sports events?

3. Important Startup Tasks to Perform

Whatever type of business you’re starting, there are several basic tasks you’ll need to perform. You might need to get a business permit, set up a website and email address, purchase liability insurance and set up your company. If you plan on hosting catering events then you’ll need the right equipment such as a portable fridge from somewhere like https://www.icecooltrailers.co.uk/. You’ll need to check the local business requirements, enquire about getting a food service licence and make sure you’ve got the right equipment. If you’re going to be running your business from your own home, you’ve probably got all the equipment you need. However, why not treat yourself to a startup gift and buy a set of chef’s knives from Tokyo Knives?

4. Write a Business Plan and Run Some Numbers

You’re more likely to achieve success if you answer any questions you might have about running your own business and create a business plan to help guide you. As part of your plan you’ll need to consider the cost to start a catering business. Allow for several thousand dollars in start-up costs that will include upgrading your equipment if necessary, getting your licenses and permits and marketing your business.

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ll have a better feel for what it will take to run your dream business. These steps might take a few weeks, they might take several months. Don’t feel you need to rush to start your business. Take things slow, plan carefully and you’re more likely to make a success of it.

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