Dealing with the Death of a Loved One and What to Do

There are some possibilities that are just too horrific for us to imagine. The problem with this is, however, that it means that many times people don’t prepare correctly. Death is an inevitable stage that everyone will, one day, enter, and yet far too many people don’t prepare in the case of their own death. You might think that you are too young to make these preparations, or perhaps you just never got around to it. Whatever the reason someone might have had for not preparing in the case of their death, it means that responsibility now falls on their close friends and family.

When you are tasked to settle affairs after the death of a close friend or family member, follow these steps:

Contact the Authorities

The first thing you need to do is to contact the authorities. Only licensed practitioners can declare someone dead – no matter how obvious it is. The authorities will also be able to deduce whether foul play was involved in the death. If no foul play is suspected, you will then need to organize a pickup from the local mortuary or crematorium.

2. Contact Friends and Family

The second thing you should do is to inform the deceased’s friends and family. You don’t have to inform everyone, but letting key people know can help spread the word. If there is someone closer and more suited to settling the deceased’s affairs, this is when you would hand the mantle over. If you are the appropriate relation, you’ll need to schedule a cleanup next.

3. Clean

One of the most gruesome facts of death is that bodies decompose. This happens whenever a person dies unattended, and the decomposition becomes worse the longer it takes someone to find the body. You cannot clean this up yourself. Decomposing bodies release biohazards that require professionals. Instead of worrying about cleaning up the mess, call for unattended death cleanup services. There are professionals in Orlando who are available to be reached 24/7.

4. Plan the Funeral

Funeral costs can go upwards of thousands of dollars. See if the deceased’s other friends and family will be willing to pitch in for the costs, but if not then remember that there is no shame in having a simple funeral. Going into debt to say goodbye can strain your grieving process later.

5. Settle Affairs

The affairs that you will have to settle depend entirely on the deceased and their situation. If the deceased had a will, their finances, their debts, their ongoing payments, and their estate all need to be dealt with and settled.

Knowing the steps and actions to take after a loved one has died can help you move forward through your grief. These steps are required, and they can also help you gain closure. Once these steps are completed you are free to grieve at your own pace. Everyone experiences grief differently. Stay healthy, stay connected, and remember that you will get through this trying time.

Thanks to Carol Trehearn

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