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Sponsor in Kind is owned and operated by Custom Wristbands Inc. a corporation located at Burbank, California. We have established ourselves in 2005, and until this date, have produced tens of millions of wristbands.

This is our most popular type of wristbands, popularized by the Livestrong wristbands. You message will be debossed inside of the wristbands, creating an inward effect. The text shall be the same color of wristbands, with a slight color change due to the texture of the engraved portion. These would be the most cost-effective option as well.

All in all, we have served tens of thousands of clients worldwide. People have used them to show support for advocacies like fund-raisers for cancer research, or as custom-made giveaways for events.

This led to them being known as “awareness bracelets,” as a means to differentiate them from the ones used for commercial or corporate purposes.


Huge shout out to this amazing female entrepreneur, Kelly Davis, exhibiting with us at World Peace Day Celebration 2017.

My name is Kelly Davis.

I have been with Pampered Chef for just under a year now.

We exist to help you enjoy the moments most important to you and yours by inspiring satisfying, stress-free meals fit for the way you live. We use the power of cooking to bring people together as the cornerstone of realizing each person’s full potential–in the home and in life.

I enjoy talking to people and enjoy what I do. I am happily married and have 3 great kids as a Mom.

I also work full time, am a Girl Guide leader with my girls and enjoy camping.

Kelly Davis, Pampered Chef


A huge Shout Out! to this amazing female entrepreneur and exhibiting sponsor this year, Cheryl Bewley.

My journey with Thirty-One began January 2013 and has been amazing. Two years ago I had to step back in my business due to the biggest step I have taken in my life.

After attending a Conference just a week after loosing my job I realized the only job I need is Thirty-One again.

Thirty-One has had an impact on my life in ways I cannot even explain.

Leadership happened after only 10 months and within 14 months I was the second in Canada to earn the Leadership Incentive Trip for 2015.

I have remained a Leader since and love having my Thirty-One Sisters in my life.

Cheryl Bewley



A hug Shout out to this wonderful exhibiting sponsor, Kandice Doucette of Epicure.

My vision is helping people discover that eating clean and healthy can be truly easy and tasty with an array of delicious whole foods without fillers, artificial flavours, MSG while saving you money, time and producing less waste!

As an Epicure Independent Consultant I offer complimentary raw to ready cooking classes, Workshops, Facebook events and consulting to help you discover that you can eat an array of delicious whole foods without fillers, artificial flavours, MSG while saving you money, time and producing less waste! We are also Gluten-free and nut-free!

We offer a safe place to grow and create a business at your own pace!

Kandice Doucette
Independent Epicure Consultant



Huge Shout out to this wonderful Exhibiting Sponsor, Shelly Ann McLeod of Shhhhh Designz Body Bar!

Shhhhh Designz Body Bar was founded in 2012 by Shelly Ann Mc Leod.

The aim was and still is to provide skin care products made with natural ingredients that will benefit all skin types.We offer a wide range of soap bars, shampoo bars, hair conditioners, skin and hair moisturizers (jams), massage candles, lip tints, lip shots (balms), just to name a few.

We specialize in favors and gift baskets for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties and other special events.

Shhhhh Designz Body Bar
CONTACT NAME: Shelly Ann Mc Leod
Contact number: 416 738 9295


Silver Door Homecare™ is a Canadian-owned Certified Age-Friendly Business® providing premium home health care services in the Greater Toronto Area. With an emphasis on personalized service, Silver Door provides high-quality home care support tailored to the specific needs of its clientele.

We are extremely proud to be a top provider of premium health care services. Why become a Silver Door member? Because you will enjoy unique benefits not offered by other home care services. Our members are family. The entire staff truly cares about our family and I am inviting you to be part of it.

Silver Door Homecare™ is a trusted home health care agency that offers our patrons high-quality home care services. Silver Door provides personalized home care services tailored to your specific needs. As members of the Silver Door Club, our clients get the medical, rehabilitation, homemaking and companionship services they need for utmost comfort. Silver Door is a Certified Age-Friendly Business®.

Read Testimonials HERE.

Download the Silver Door Homecare™ App today to plan and schedule your appointments! From this mobile App you can view schedules, book appointments, view ongoing promotions, as well as view our location and contact information. You can also click through to our social pages! Optimize your time and maximize the convenience of booking your appointments from your device! Download this App today!

Sign up for free membership on App HERE and when you set up Your Personal Profile, go to HOW DID YOU LEARN ABOUT US click Catherine Anne Clark for Free Consultation and further information.

t. Catherine Anne Clark at: 647 393-2125

Silver Door Homecare™ supports Canadian veterans and the Royal Canadian Legion by providing discounted pricing to those who have so bravely and tirelessly served our country in both times of war and peacekeeping missions.

When Amy’s children were little she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis due to a genetic disorder, she was able to get through it with acupuncture and the help of her amazing Naturopath and realized the incredible benefits of natural solutions to pain. Amy thought that also starting her own business would help her bring in an income only working part time. Unfortunately it did not work out that way for her with that particular company. In fact it stressed her out and her health declined. Since January 2017, when she founded Healthy Heart Merry Mind, she has helped many women make significant changes to their experiences of self-care and family care and has found a business that works with her lifestyle!

Today Amy’s focus is to help women understand and establish a healthy lifestyle so they feel confident in their pain and stress management. She has also partnered with Inspired Haus as a business coach for an incredible program called 90-Days of Change. In the program Amy teaches what she has learned as a lifelong entrepreneur about the mindset and accountability factors that support women’s success in business. As a foundation she believes that we as women need to be kinder to ourselves and incorporate significant self care into our businesses.

She will be speaking about this and you can learn more in her upcoming co-authored book called “I’m 30, Now What?”. Stay tuned for her presentation on 5 practical habits to easily establish in a busy life!

You can reach Amy at, go to her website and follow her on social media FB: @healthyheartmerrymind and on Instagram: @healthyheartmerrymind

“BENEVOLENCE is definitely an Inside Job” just think about it we are born or wired this way. It’s left for us to choose and most of us gravitate to the good and kind side or our being. This first comes out as children in the way we behave and treat each other.

Right now I am living it, I am looking after a friend who is originally from Scotland. She is a retired school teacher, the same age as me but life has dealt her a rough blow and she is at the mercy of her friends. Her only living relative is a sister who lives in Scotland.

How I got involved is from one of those same friends who called me. Since then by God’s Grace, I was able to get her into a very good Christian facility who are looking after all her needs. I take her to all her medical visits and take pleasure in seeing the Smile on her face these days.

I Thank God every day for his Love and Guidance.

My name is Mavis Tidd and I have been retired for some years now and after paying taxes for all my working years I continued to pay taxes in my retirement. Luckily I came upon this Opportunity, went to a presentation, asked all my tax questions and after being satisfied with the answers I received, I decided to get involved. I am happy to say that my tax problem has been solved along with a number of other benefits.

Please click on the following link for more information.

I look forward to exhibiting at this year’s World Peace Day Conference..

Mavis Tidd
Diamond Diplomat Luxury Consultant
Global Wealth Trade Corporation
Ph: 416-398-8445


“I’m Cathy Hewlett, Director of Relaxation at On The Spot Massage in Toronto. I am proud to say that I love my job. How many people can say the same? Helping people combat their pain and/or stress is my main concern. I think you’ll see that my passion shows through not just in the massage I give, but in every aspect of my business.

“I hand pick all my on site chair massage practitioners, so you can be assured of a very professional, polite and helpful team of massage professionals that will showcase your company in the right light and help make your event a success!

“Don’t just pick anyone to provide your on site massage services in Toronto. You want to make sure that your staff, prospects and/or customers are in the hands of a top notch professional. I take the role of representing you very seriously and always give 100% to make sure your wellness program or special event is a completely stress-free experience and one that shows you in the best possible light. You can be guaranteed an AHHHSOME event!

On The Spot Massage, Toronto, Ontario, M1M 1P6, Canada, 416.953.0053

Crystal Dayton is a Passionate Graphic Designer/Artist. Enjoys life and art. I have designed for many companies and individuals.

I am a Happy and motivated person looking to achieve my dreams.

Previously I went to Sheridan College for the Visual and Creative Arts program. I have completed a Graphic Design course to further my skills. I specialize in logos, posters, flyers, banners, and business cards.

Recently I have designed for RE/MAX, TaylorMade Graphics, Dymbelle Foundations Inc, and many other businesses. I have created business cards, posters, flyers, logos, and shirt designs in my freelance work.

Facebook: DaytonArts
Blog: Crystal Arts




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