The Five Benefits of Gratitude

Self-care has always been an important skill to have. In fact, self-care for social workers is an actively taught and trained skill. This is due to the fact that self-care leads to better care for others. There are many ways to express self-care and one of them is through gratitude.

As studies complied by the Case Western Reserve University show, gratitude leads to five major benefits. Those with a high level of gratitude have fewer health issues and feel more positively about the future. On top of these benefits, people that can express gratitude can get better sleep on average and feel so much better when they wake up.

These benefits all lead to one major advantage: the ability to feel better and more satisfied. All of these qualities are essential qualities to have in life, especially as a social worker.

You can find out more about self-care from the Social Work and Self-Care infographic by Case Western Reserve University.

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