Gender Trainers Webinar, NOV 3

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Don’t miss the UN Women Training Center Webinar on Professionalization of Gender Trainers!

The growing popularity of training for gender equality is driving a rising demand for expert trainers. Since the 1995 Beijing Conference, ever greater numbers of “gender trainers” have delivered training for a range of actors – international organisations, governments, NGOs and businesses – to ensure that their programs and policies mainstream gender equality. Yet, there is little agreement about what qualifications are required to deliver training for gender equality, how these are to be gained, and what professional ethics should guide their work.

To foster dialogue on quality assurance, the UN Women Training Centre will host a Virtual Dialogue in October and November 2016 on the professionalization of gender trainers. This online discussion is an exciting opportunity for participatory reflection on the professional qualifications of trainers and measures for quality assurance within training for gender equality.


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