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A Celebration of Women™ thanks our Exhibiting Sponsors!


DATE: SEPT 18, 2016
TIME: 11 AM – 6 PM (Registration Opens at 10 AM)
VENUE: The Hard Rock Cafe 279 Yonge St., Toronto, ON



Exhibiting Sponsors!


peace shop logoThe Peace Shop was launched in July of 2016 as an online enterprise in support of peace: 10% of all profits are donated to the Foundation for Food and Peace. A variety of t-shirts for men, women, and children are available, as well as unique postcards, canvas bags and bracelets.

Shop peace, support peace.

We believe all global citizens have a right to a life in peace. We believe that the power is on our hands and that civil society can lead the way towards the kind of world we’d like to live in.

Through our quality clothing and design products, we aim to provide customers with a look and feel they stand behind.

The Peace Shop was launched in July 2016 by Torontonian Mary Wales.

“For someone interested in supporting peace, I couldn’t find a lot of options,” says Mary.

“And I noticed that a lot of people around me long for peace and a non-violent world, so I decided to do something about it.”

dignity_large_logoAs North America’s largest provider of funeral, cremation and cemetery services, the Dignity Memorial® network is the name families turn to for compassionate and professional final arrangements. Dignity Memorial providers care for more than 500,000 families each year and understand the importance of thoughtful, personalized arrangements.

Offered through a network of more than 1,800 funeral, cremation and cemetery providers in Canada and the United States, the Dignity Memorial brand is your assurance of quality, value, caring service and exceptional customer satisfaction.

We believe creating meaningful ways to pay tribute to a loved one begins with compassion and is shaped by the understanding that each life is truly unique. For us, there is no greater responsibility than honouring and preserving the story of one’s life.

“We believe creating meaningful ways to pay tribute to a loved one begins with compassion and is shaped by the understanding that each life is truly unique.”

“We believe creating meaningful ways to pay tribute to a loved one begins with compassion and is shaped by the understanding that each life is truly unique.”

The Dignity® Difference
When you choose a Dignity Memorial® provider, you not only receive the compassionate care you expect from a locally operated establishment, but also the value you deserve from the largest network of funeral homes and cemeteries – including an array of services that is unmatched by any other funeral provider in North America. READ MORE HERE

dignity about_us_employment_opportunitiesDo you want to make a difference?

Are you driven to help others in their time of need?

Are you looking for a compassionate and dignified career?

As a member of the Dignity® team, you’ll be part of an elite group of professionals who share the honour of paying tribute to the lives of others. Building enduring relationships is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in our employees and the unyielding support they provide the families that have entrusted us with their care. Every interaction with our client families and fellow associates is based on respect, integrity and service excellence.

By joining our team, you will be provided with a wealth of personal and group training and career growth opportunities that are unparalleled in the industry. This isn’t a job – it’s a career like none other.

To learn more about our company and how you can join the Dignity team, click here.

tutor-doctorAt Tutor Doctor, our private tutors understand how important your child’s education is. They should have every advantage to stay competitive in today’s academic arena.

Our in-home tutoring service evaluates every student closely to identify their needs and to track their progress. We understand that no two students are the same. Everyone learns with different styles and at their own pace. That is why we offer specialized tutoring to address all our clients’ needs.

At Tutor Doctor, we have a distinct process with which we help your child to ensure success.


17,000 Tutors in 15 Different Countries
Have Helped Over 200,000 People and Counting!

Tutoroctor -IN-HOME-Female-300X250
We assess our students’ needs during a free consultation.

Then we match them with a compatible tutor.

From there, the tutor tailors a program to maximize your child’s improvement.

We support your child and update you on their progress.

If you’re thinking of buying a tutoring business, but aren’t sure if Tutor Doctor is right for you, let our story of why our education franchise is the fastest growing in-home tutoring business on the market help you decide. READ OUR STORY HERE


Become a part of a company that has helped over 171,200 people succeed – while you earn profits for yourself and your children. We worked tirelessly to figure out a way to give business owners who were interested in making a difference in the lives of children and their families a means to do just that, without actually being a tutor themselves.

Today, we have over 400 units in 15 countries! We give a FREE consultation to evaluate the possible tutor/student relationship, to build a personalized map for the student’s success. We are very proud to say that 95% of our customers would recommend us to a friend or family member. READ MORE HERE
12715229_1050828138307795_5966397767860833148_nMarva Squires is from St Vincent and The Grenadines, move to Canada at the age of 16 where she spend her time going to school and doing sports. After graduating from high school went to college and also did some University after finishing the course at Toronto School of Business which was Computer programming end up not doing what I went to school for I went and work for Insurance company after years of working with these large company my career takes another turn for Investment Company where I was an Investment Specilic after working years with this huge company I got Laid Off.

After a few months it became very expensive to process my hair, I decided to cut all of the processing hair of and go Natural, me going natural was a big shock where my hair became very hard to the point where I was about to process it again. But I meet a young lady and she told me she has been doing it for years and the same thing happen to her and said to me that SATIN Silk is the best hair cover to wear at night but it is coming from the state and it is very cost. So I did investigation and found out she was right and I decide to make SATIN BONNETS.

The Benefit of Satin Silk

Benefits for your skin and hair: Both polyester satin silk pillowcases and natural silk pillowcases provide benefits to your skin and hair through reduced friction. This reduces split ends in your hair, pulling on your facial skin and both diminish crease wrinkles in the face. However, because silk is a natural protein, this also provides additional benefits. Silk pillowcases are often recommended by dermatologists to be beneficial to your skin and hair Natural silk is a very good thermal insulator, helping you to stay cooler during the summer months and warmer during the winter months, which supports healthy skin. Last, silk is naturally hypoallergenic and is resistant to mold, mildew, fungus and dust mites.

Medical professionals recommend Satin Bonnets or Pillowcase for Cancer patients to prevent hair loss and to soothe the scalp.

For further information, You can reach Marva at: marvasquires@gmail.com.
Love Leggings…….the name says it all!

loveleggingsThat is how we started, with a lot of leggings!

Since that time, we have flourished into an online retailer for a variety of trendy women’s apparel at competitive prices. We are always adding to our collection to ensure fresh and stylish options. Love Leggings Independent Fashion Stylists sell through home shopping parties, online, events and more.

elisha love leggingsBecause life gets busy and we don’t always have time for browsing at the mall, Love Leggings brings our pop up shop to your home where you can socialize with your friends and shop at the same time! Sounds like fun right? It is!

Why do we love leggings?

Leggings are the perfect balance between comfort, fashion, and personality. Leggings have no rules. They are versatile, dynamic and can beautifully go with your mood. Dress them up, dress them down, and add your own flair.

I started Love Leggings in September 2014, just after the birth of my second son. I began small with two stylists, myself in Barrie and another in Kingston, ON. Soon, I was bombarded with emails and Facebook messages from people who “want to style too!”

So, I decided to bring the leggings to them direct from our wholesaler and voila – the stylists were born! These are a super group of ladies who love the thrill of the find as much as we do – and a good deal doesn’t hurt either.

Both for the Stylist and the party goers.

We Love to Style!

ERIN banner-top

Erin GreeneREDEFINING THE FUTURE OF ANTI-AGING SKINCARE with Erin Greene and Kelly Parke

Founded by world-renowned dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, Rodan + Fields® puts the power of dermatology-based skincare in your hands, using a highly effective social commerce business model.


Rodan + Fields® is about helping people create opportunities to change lives. The Prescription for Change (PFC) Foundation is at the very core of this mission. Since 2008, R+F has been giving back through the PFC with the goal that everyone can believe in more and empower change for themselves and their community.


Kelly ParkeThe PFC Foundation helps students in need on their journey to becoming a prescription for change in their communities by fostering belief in themselves. Throughout the years, the PFC has focused on helping individuals at a crossroads in their lives. In 2014, the PFC partnered with buildOn to support its work of breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education.

To date, PFC has granted nearly $2 million in charitable gifts, sponsored more than 200,767 buildOn student program days and funded a new buildOn high school program in a distressed community to expand services for additional youth in need.

“Rodan & Fields is one of the top 5 premium skincare companies in the U.S. and was the fastest-growing in 2014.”*
IMG_4848-2Michelle Simpson, the owner of Diggity Dog and Lonsome Kitty Hotel, with full grooming services in the west end of Toronto. She is passionate about holistic health and loves good coffee.

Michelle and her team from OREGANO will be there for your convenience with superb coffee, hot chocolate and tea products for your sampling and tasting!

Organo Gold is a Canadian company that infuses all of its beverages with Ganoderma which is an ancient Chinese mushroom that is known as the King of herbs. It has many health benefits. The company is eight years old and now has distributors and customers in 51 countries.

organo-1 (1)We are now working together to help educate people about the health benefits of Organo’s healthier products, and are offering people a healthier, better coffee, tea, and hot chocolate experience.

We are also seeking out like minded people who want to enjoy the health benefits of the products as coffee customers in our business, but also people who would love to generate an extra source of income by partnering with us and having their own international coffee business.


My name is Gillian Roberts and I am very passionate about natural health and wellness. I began my journey with doTERRA now over 4 fabulous years ago and it has changed my life and the lives of my 3 daughters and family!

I am also a Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy, Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Birth Doula and Quantum Intuitive.

DoTerra-Oils-Logo - CopyI welcome you to message me with any questions that you may have and I would love to share doTERRA with you.

What Are Essential Oils?

If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Essential oils provide plants with protection against environmental threats and play a role in plant pollination.

In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and being beautifully fragrant to people, essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health-care practices.

Send me a message HERE and I’ll ensure you also receive a sample of our most amazing Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil.

Thank you and here’s to your Magnificence!

doTERRA Wellness Advocate & AromaTouch Provider IPC# 312525


1 Z PetrakZlatoslava Petrak is an international best selling author, inspirational success mentor, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and CEO of Triumph of Success Inc. Zlatoslava is an expert on personal potential and positive thinking, she is a master when it comes to the science of achievement and the art of allowing.

A former teacher with a degree in Law and Global Politics, who has been studying Laws of Success, Laws of the Mind and Laws of the Universe for more than 10 year from the best mentors of the world, Zlata now specializes in helping people all over North America and the world to succeed, reach their goals and dreams, reconnect with their true core, find unconditional happiness, bliss and fulfillment and reach their true potential in all aspects of their lives and thereby live their dreams.

Her knowledge, inspiration and talent to educate, empower and uplift truly shines through her work, whether it is her best selling books, 1-on-1 mentoring, success programs, online and live workshops and seminars.

Here is an Amazing FREE Gift For You: Powerful Self-Esteem Affirmation/Mediation I Am Who I Really Am!
Raising My Self-Esteem, Worthiness and Love MP3 – HERE.

Visit our website: http://www.triumphofhappiness.com/
About Fifth Avenue Collection…with Lisa Ahmadi

Lisa AhmadiFifth Avenue Collection is a Canadian based company managed by a family who started designing fashion jewellery in their home over 25 years ago.
Since then they have expanded to countries such as Australia, the United States, England and Hong Kong. Fifth Avenue quickly developed into a rising direct sales company that attracted thousands of independent jewelers from all over the world!

The president of the company, Jay Butler, states “The thing that I love most about our business is the empowerment it gives our Jewellers to transform their lives!” which is exactly what this company can do!

Delivering beautiful products from genuine Swarovski Crystal, Cubic Zirconia and Hematite to 14KT gold plated and rhodium plated pieces.

All of the items are nickel, lead and cadmium free and safe for skin sensitivity!

This company and its products along with their mission represent a strong and inspiring opportunity for women and their families to grow, succeed and enrich their lives.

Glamorizing women with gorgeous gems is not only rewarding but so much fun and exciting!

Ask me how and join our family!

Parisa’s Henna Art – Tahiya Naeem
hennawpd2016At the simplest, Henna is a paste made out of crushed leaves and twigs of henna plant. The paste can also be made from dried leaves of the plant by mixing it with hot water. When this paste is applied in skin (just like writing from a marker) and left for few hours, it leaves orange to dark maroon stain in the skin which fades away in 7 to 14 days.

henna 2The exact origins of henna tattooing aren’t clear, however the tradition dates back as far as Ancient Egypt. It was said that Cleopatra used henna to adorn her body and Egyptians used the dye to paint the nails of mummies before they were buried.

Henna is a small flowering shrub that has many uses. The fragrant flowers are used to create perfume, and the leaves are dried and then turned into a fine powder that’s used for dying clothes, hair and temporarily dying the skin — hence henna tattooing. The plant has even been known to treat skin conditions.

There is no arguing that henna tattoos are beautiful.
tea ladies oksana and gloriaThe TERRA TEAS are fully organic and selectively small batch blended from the finest fair teas offered by trade purveyors across Mother Earth.

Our teas are high in antioxidants, natural & certified Organic, no pesticides, chemicals or GMO’s, along with being gluten-free, sustainable, Fair Trade, Ethical Partnership and Kosher certified.

Only natural ingredients are used in our tea blends.

A message from our Tea Importers:

“A process that is sustainable can be maintained indefinitely. By supporting sustainable business practices, it means that we do not take more from the world than we give back and that we consciously choose how we interact with the environment. Our reliance on renewable resources, as well as on symbiotic relationships with nature and the community, are motivated by our belief in connecting human and material resources without devaluing the integrity of the individual or the planet.

Our mission is to offer the highest quality, organically grown teas available. We purchase our tea directly from small farms and co-ops from around the world, providing families in developing countries with a fair price for their goods. We also buy fair trade teas that are authorized by Transfair USA, ensuring fair working conditions, fair wages and a better life for tea workers from eleven countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

We have an optimistic vision of the future and a comprehensive strategy to implement that vision. Our sense of personal environmental responsibility is evident in our commitment to practices that contribute to the sustainability of our planet and the communities in which we live and work.”

Eye of the Beholder – Mystic Jewelry creates hand-crafted jewelry with semi-precious gemstones, mystic pendulums, necklaces, “Snooty Booties” for babies and more.

Contact: TERRA TEAS Organic c/o Gloria Clark, 29 Fernwood Crescent, Hamilton ON L8T 3L2


NERIUM INTERNATIONAL is one of our world’s innovative companies, expanding into more countries exponentially; and opportunity is there for You!

Watch this video to see how Nerium International is changing lives all over the world! Are YOU ready?

Nerium is rooted in science.
Nerium and Optimera products (PRNewsFoto/Nerium International)
Nerium and Optimera products (PRNewsFoto/Nerium International)

Using the best in nature, coupled with the latest advancements in technology, Nerium products deliver proven, age-defying results that are powered by the most advanced ingredients available.

We observe the best in nature to find anti-aging applications and supplements that mimic natural age-fighting mechanisms. Our nature-based approach provides innovative solutions that produce exceptional results.

Nerium’s formulas are based on discoveries in the biotechnology fields and adapted for use in the anti-aging industry, setting a new standard in product development. We work with scientists and chemists from the world’s top universities and labs to create cutting-edge, proprietary products that are not available anywhere else.

We use independent third party clinical testing facilities to ensure our products are safe and effective. Advanced scanning technology is used in our skin care clinical trials to objectively measure changes in skin appearance. We are also taking the initiative to develop imaging techniques and cognitive tests that are specific enough to show statistical significance as well as visual evidence to demonstrate benefits on brain health.

Diane McKinley

WORLD PEACE DAY Celebration 2016 – TICKETS

WORLD PEACE DAY Celebration 2016

wpd speaker


WORLD PEACE DAY Celebration 2016 – SEPT 18
“PARITY & PEACE … are an Inside Job!


DATE: SEPT 18, 2016
VENUE: The Hard Rock Cafe
ADDRESS: 279 Yonge St. Toronto, On 2nd Floor
TIME: 11 AM – 6 PM ( Registration opens at 10 AM)


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