4 Tips on How to Wow with Your Presentation

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Wouldn’t it be great to walk away from a presentation knowing that you’ve absolutely nailed it? Whether you’re speaking to your clients, boss, or even the CEO, you definitely want your audience to be impressed. When you’re giving a presentation, the goal is for the people listening to you to feel motivated, impressed, and maybe even slightly jealous of your great presentation skills. However, it’s not always easy to achieve this, with loads of different obstacles which could get in the way. Improving presentation skills can be quite tricky on your own so if you want an extra helping hand from an expert then click here. You can try to practice presentation skills on your own first and then get help from others when needed. Read on to discover what to do to become an engaging, interesting and impressive speaker.

Own the Space with Movement

Movement is an extremely powerful way to engage with your audience, keep everybody alert and even create drama. Moving gives the impression that you own the space and helps show that you’re in control and confident. This doesn’t mean that you should be pacing around like a caged animal, as repetitive movement can give off the impression of anxiety and nerves, whether it’s clicking your pen or walking in circles. The same is true of rooting yourself to one spot – so it’s important to get that happy medium between the two to own the space and give off an air of confidence.

The Power of Silence

Taking the time to pause or to take a sip of your drink is a simple and small action, yet can be quite powerful. Not only does this give your audience some time to reflect back on what you’ve been talking about, it also shows that you’re at ease and confident in yourself. An effective pause is able to put pressure on an audience when done at the right point, and can also instill confidence in them regarding you as the speaker. We tend to view someone who is able to hold a pause as being in control.

Graceful Recoveries

Making mistakes is human, and even the most confident and effective of speakers can slip up from time to time. However, it’s not the mistake that really matters when you’re speaking to an audience – it’s the way in which you recover from it. Panicking if you make a mistake can easily spiral out of control and cause you to look uncomfortable which will rub off onto your audience. The truth is that nobody will be too bothered if you mess up, it’s how you recover that matters.

Thoughtful and Consistent Slides

Many great presentations could easily be ruined by slides which are inconsistent and messy. Your audience views your presentation slides as part of your personality, which is why they need to be reflective of you and the way in which you think and feel. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a professional designer to create well laid-out slides.

Using the right amount of data and keeping variations between fonts and colors minimal will get you off to a great start. If you’re using transitional effects between slides, stick to the same one.

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