New Consciousness approach for Mental Health, MARCH 8

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ekin duman

New Consciousness approach for Mental Health

*New consciousness is a different consciousness from which the humanity knew and lived for ages, as it’s a new type of awareness that life can be much more easy. We don’t need to any struggle for anything we want. We just need to make a conscious choice, stop trying and using our minds for our daily lives, hopes and dreams, allow the use of our intuition, expand our consciousness, imagination and awareness, allow the transformational changes, trust our spirit, becoming quantum and live in synchronicity).

There are many ways on Earth right now offering solutions for seeking mental balance for people themselves, their patients or loved ones.

“I will address causes and solutions (soul-issues) of mental disorders in my talk in Toronto, Canada on March 8, 2015, as we celebrate International Women’s Day through a collective offering of sharing, created and focused on the most important global ‘issue’ of our newest millennium: Mental Health”.

Most of them are well known for society and based on the science and medications, some of them are not well known and use other techniques and therapy methods like homeopatic, ‘art therapy’.

New Counciousness answers are so simple – so profoundly simple that it could help humans who choose to re-balance their minds on daily basis and in case of mental disorders. Actually, we all can have mental imbalances in some period of life at variable degrees more or less. There are many types of mental disorders, some of them are fear based, such as anxiety, panic attacks. There is also depression, much common sort of mental imbalance which is caused from the lack of joy of life.

The depression’s message is “You are not in the right place in life now, you should make instant changes.”

1] Some of them are caused from energy imbalances of humanity; not only psychic energy, but whole life force energy (such as bipolar disorder).

2] Some of them are caused of karmic origins, which pass automatically from ancestor’s DNA –Family’s biology.

Multiple personality is caused from ‘disorientation-chaos’ of aspects.

There are also imbalances belongs to indigo and crystal children caused from their sensitiveness of earth conditions because their body’s and DNA’s are different from ordinary human. For example autism, hyperactivity, lack of attention [ADHD].

Anyone can make researches and see the increases rate of these disorders last 20 years.

ekin duman bookDo you want to fulfill yourself and your life as your soul desires in it’s deepest-ness?

How have you felt reading this question ?

Has your heart trembled, too, just like mine?

This book gives the shortest way for making this happen. While working with new energy, we’re doing everything by choosing.

Of course, all people’s unique existences and their life potentials that are the expressions of their uniqueness, are different than each other. But, the choices which we need to fulfill for getting rid of coring layers of our consciousness, are same for all of us.

TESTIMONIAL: ‘I didn’t see any other book which gives me all choices and simple tools I need together to be really myself, and to live my life how I really want to, have you? I don’t think so. This is priceless.’
~ Esra Tan, Reader

… And there are mental imbalances that comes from the unexpected conditions of life such as violence, death, lack, loss, and war.


Ekin Duman, flying in all the way from Turkey to celebrate with us International Women’s Day 2015 – March 8, 2015. * Ekin will be featured during our Afternoon timeframe, slated to speak at 3 PM.


Speaker: New Consciousness approach for Mental Health


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