Global WINConference 2014 – 1.2.3 (4) October, Berlin, Germany

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Women’s International Networking is an independent global women’s leadership organization. WIN develops, empowers and connects leaders with a feminine, authentic and global vision. It is a reference for women working internationally and companies active in women’s leadership and diversity & inclusion. It runs the women’s preferred global leadership forum – the WINConference, the WINCorporate Network Group, the WIN Development Fund and the WINCommunity.


Our initiatives are designed to listen and reflect to the desires of the modern working woman and to the companies of the future. Our programs provide a platform and an environment aimed to help individuals and organizations move forward, realize their potential and focus on each person’s authentic contribution.

WIN encourages individuals to stretch their comfort zones- to explore, listen, observe, note down, and make discoveries and most importantly to be curious. The global authentic feminine leader comes to life when they follow their intuition and knowledge. These skills are tools, servicing wisdom in action. They take up their natural space and care and nurture and fearlessly commit.

A pioneer in the field of professional women’s events and leadership journeys on a global scale, WIN inspires leaders, to run companies and initiatives with noble values, and to fully live their own lives with beauty and enthusiasm. It accelerates change by developing, empowering and connecting leaders to a global, authentic and feminine vision. Your story becomes part of a bigger vision.

WIN is like a shining diamond, brilliant and transparent, and I believe you are as well.
Let’s polish the diamond and soften the edges, as even more of its brilliance can be seen as it comes into form. Let’s aim to unclutter, simplify, clarify and why not, glorify…. Let’s open up and shine as we plan and let 2014 unfold”. ~ Kristin Engvig, WIN founder

anne book cover three women in cairoAnne Edelstam is attending WIN … huge women’s business conference in Berlin, Germany and will be presenting her book … to over 750 people. …lets wish her luck!

Anne Edelstam is a journalist, writer, and photographer currently living in Paris and the third of three generations of women with close connections to Egypt.

Three Ladies in Cairo is the fictionalized true story of how three Swedish women – grandmother Hilda, mother Ingrid, and Anne herself. Together they discover Egypt throughout the twentieth century’s social changes, up to the country’s first free elections in June 2012.

anne-1All three learn to cope with the colossal social and cultural differences, born and bred in Sweden and residing in the Middle East … life-styles covering more than a century of these three women’s experiences.

The book offers deep and extended perspectives on Egypt’s politics, economical and traditional societies – the vantage points of both outsiders and insiders.

As a social anthropologist, Islamic historian, and international journalist, Anne weaves ancient Egyptian history with modern day politics which many readers identify as living historical realities. She captures not just the broader pictures behind Egypt’s history and political upheavals, but identifies the realities through three Swedish women eye-witnesses living in Egypt during the dramatic historical changes …”

This is a MUST read book, for anyone who wants to understand what was and is happening in Egypt today !

The Global WIN Conference

Come be a part of this world-class, pioneering 3+ day leadership learning extravaganza for company executives, managers, entrepreneurs and artists alike.
More than 800 leaders from across the world, join together to prepare for the future, expand possibilities and realize new opportunities. WIN inspires, provides context, tools, knowledge and a generous network of support for women to contribute authentically, integrating their feminine values and global awareness into all that they do.

With an outstanding roster of brilliant speakers, WIN inspires companies to become inclusive, conscious and global. WIN inspires women to step up to the next level in the world, in their careers and in their lives. Simply – more becomes possible.

Be a Part of It – you’ll discover why WIN is not just your usual business conference.

Unique conference features

· World-class plenary speakers
· Dynamic design: world, work & you
· 42 outstanding skill-building workshops
· Leading-edge working groups for senior leaders
· Coaching labs: free personalized coaching sessions
· Corporate forum: expert sessions propelling organizations and their talent and diversity & inclusion programs to a new level
· Oasis: specially designed places to take time out to rest, reflect, refocus and energize
· Village: with a market place and bookstore
· Daily body-mind awakening session: yoga, gentle stretching and meditation techniques
· Forums: story forum, women on boards, women in media, feminine entrepreneurship, women and spirituality, young leader forum & the landmark WIN Story forum
· Networking events: dinners and social events designed to let networking thrive

Authentic, global, practical, holistic, beautiful, powerful, influential and with lots of heart, 11,000 leaders have been a part of it.


WIN AWARDEach year WIN honours distinguished women for their dedication and hardwork; women who have inspired others whilst embodying WIN’s principles of the authentic, global and feminine leader. In keeping with WIN’s own mission, we look for women who develop others and who mobilize people to thrive and to create flourishing communities and businesses.

We choose women whose work has touched those around them and who may not have received previous public acknowledgment of their work.. WIN will also consider candidates who may already be recognized by the public, but rather than focus on their “public role” will recognize them for their impact away from the spotlight, where their work has contributed to the improvement of their community and society.

Awards are presented at the Global, Japan and India WINConferences

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