Michelle Gala, ‘GROOV’YOU UP’ to the Stars!

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MICHELLE GALAS GROOVEGroov’Earth Records, by Michelle Galas.

“I am responsible for every aspect of the business from the marketing, music production, finance.”

Who Groov’Are We?

Our Vision
• Be a music label that will be a reference for music in people everyday life.
• Give back Music and Lyrics their real meaning and values.

Our Mission
• Make each song becomes a movement that reply to the need of the society and people’s everyday life.
• Create via each single release creative’s marketing and promotion strategies campaign.

Our Business Value: quality, creative music and meaning written lyrics

Our Social values:
• We like to give artists and new business in relation with music and songs the ability to express themselves and get their brand name out there in participating in our release projects

Our slogan:

Each time you do a song (music and lyrics) you wonder how can you attract the attention; but, do you know who do you want to attract the attention to your fans or the Media or both?

michelle galas b and wBefore I reply to this question, As usual we are going to start by remind us what does that mean the word “Media”. A general definition of the word “Media” given by internet is “Media” means Mass communication (TV, Radio newspaper). If we focus on the Mass Media and the word “Mass” you will ask yourself what does mean to communicate music and songs to people (the Mass)? Is it only to use the medium (radio, TV, internet and the Newspaper) to show people what you do and who you are (Make noise to be noticed) or is it tools you use to spread a message and get the media attention? ~ Michelle Galas

If we say communicate music and songs to people what does that mean?
Communication is to share a message with someone then Listen to the feedback and then share again it is an interaction.

How do you communicate about yourself, your music and your lyrics?
Let’s watch some example of signed artist to understand their communication and why they do what they do?

Groov’Music Marketing advises:

Before you promote your music and songs ask yourselves those questions:

  • Who do you want to impress the Media or your fans?
  • Who are your fans? Can you find what they like and do not like (their lifestyle, their gender, their age) if not what other way can you use to know who are they?
  • What is the Media you want to send your music and why?
  • Why do you want to get noticed, to get signed, for fame, to get money or because you just want people know your talents and who you are ? or to be a brand people do not forget.
  • What Media do you must choose? Offline or online or both and why?
  • Who do you want to impress ? With what ? do you want to impress the public and your fans (with music, image, body, lyrics, story etc..) for who do you do your music ? is it for the media or my fans?
  • What will you get from the Media if my your name make noise? money, a future deal, networking, more fans ?

WE are looking for a Cross Promotion Partner – DETAILS HERE


Why invest in us and what is your benefit?

To invest in a project must be beneficial for both part us the Music Label and you the business. We want to give opportunities to new businesses :
• To have their products or brand name appears in our music video to get exposure and attention. (product placement)
• To get their brand and name involved in a music project
• To be among the brands who help new artists to get exposure in order to attract more music business interest to their products in the future.
• To get their business promoted via a music video with music that will support your brand vision and goals.

What we will do for your brand?

• To create 1 song or music for your next promotion campaign free of charge to avoid you to have to pay a license to use an established artist music.
• Give Full credit to your brand in every media or platform our artist will appear or get exposed
• Get Your Logo in our website and social media accounts via banner
• Get Your logo on our flyers each time the artist perform the song you have financed the music video for
• Make your business know about any opportunity that can fit your business and brand image in the music business in terms of promotion and business.
• Get you and your team filmed and be on the shooting day

How to proceed ?

• All payment will be receive via our Paypal account
• We are a registered Ltd. company
• An simple agreement will be written between us and your business agreed and signed by both
• By helping us by provide us what we need to shoot the music video (equipment, room and other etc..)
• Share our project with your business networking you think may be interested in.

Fundraising for Music Videos

Why do we need funding?

michelle galas tower bridge studios logoWe are two individuals Michelle Galas and Thierry Boucaud (artist name Groover) who have started a music label and do not have fund we do not want to borrow money from the bank via a loan and we do not have jobs that allow us to finance professional music videos.

We have chosen to do a crowd funding and look for sponsor for our music videos.

How much do we need and why do we need it?

• We need £4500 to film 3 music videos for 3 songs
• Each music videos £1500
• Each music video will have a script and a detailed budget for a selected target market.

The fund will be spent for the following:

The Artists : Anjo and Groover

• 1x Cameraman /editor £500
• 1 x Room From ( £295 to £500) according to the script !
• 2x Females/Models dancers £200 (£100 each)
• 1x Make up (1 day) £100
• 1x fashion designer. (for the artists and dancers clothes): £300
• Other (food, drinks, transport tube/bus, film behind the scenes, extra equipment)
And maybe a crowd (according to availability)

To fix our price we have selected to film the videos at Tower Bridge Studios (London)


The fashion designer: Aleahleigh designs
We have selected Aleah because she is very creative and use uncircled items to create clothes such as this dress made with overground tickets. Her clothes designs follows our music label image and brand.


I am interested in working with Groov’Earth Records and for the video of “New Life” because they have a lot of soul passion and meaning in their ideas a lot like me. We together have created plain yeah extreme attire pure but with a dark side. Everything has meaning and the words in this song really helped to generate design ideas.

I really looking forward being part of their team to generate clothes design ideas.


VISIT US HERE: www.groovearthrecords.com

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