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Logo12Every now and again someone stands out to me that I MUST share with you.

It’s not for money, and there’s NO way that I am getting paid to share this.

I’m sending you this email because if you are married with kids and want a closer loving, connected relationship with your children and have a desire to fall in love with your man again, then this is for you!

Please meet Saskia Röell.

Here’s why I am sharing her with you.

Saskia has been a client for three years, and I’ve not only been a part of her building her business, but I’ve watched with amazement how her children always want to be with her and how her husband adores her! She truly has THAT LIFE we all want.

She also makes money, but BEST of all she has a BIG, JUICY life that makes her happy.

Shanda Sumpter (Shanda@heartcorebusiness.com)

I asked her to write you a note today . . . Read below!

How did you spend Mother’s Day?

saskia roelleDid your husband and kids spoil you?

Did you feel celebrated and adored as a mom?

Because you should be.

I used to worry that succeeding in my business would ruin my mojo as a mom.

Guess what? Succeeding in my business has brought me more inner peace and freedom in every area of my life, and it brings even more joy as a mother of five.

You can be a mom and create a family that everyone adores AND shine like a lighthouse in your career.

I want this for you, so I created the Great Moms Circle.

This is absolutely free to you—no hidden strings!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Fully live your soul’s purpose
  • Flourish in your business at the same time
  • Experience every drop of joy to be had in motherhood
  • Feel sexy and adored by your husband and deeply loved by your kids
  • Do the work you are meant to do on earth

Join us now and open up to a world in which life is easier, more fun, and full of joy.

I will show you how to eliminate the monsters of motherhood; you know what they are: stress, to-do lists, no fun, too many tasks, playing too many roles, and too little self-care.

I will show you rituals I’ve created that make motherhood amazingly more fun: cozy dinners, taking a luxurious bath at peak time, teaching your kids the law of attraction, rituals to treasure your husband, and much more!

Join us now and start to live a life that’s far more connected, fun, rich and precious.

It’s waiting for you in the Great Moms Circle.

I’ve been waiting for years to share this with you! And I can’t wait to meet you.



P.S. When you are a mother, life becomes more vulnerable and you see life from a different perspective. Find out how enhancing your motherhood will enhance your business, marriage, health, and relationships by clicking here.

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