“The Three Keys To Feminine Power,” – at no charge

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You may already be aware that we live in a time where women face unique challenges . . .

A time where we are often inspired to share our gifts and truly make a difference in the world in ways that are aligned with our deepest values, but where the paths for accomplishing those goals are not always clear.

Well, two good friends of mine, transformational teacher and leader Claire Zammit, Ph.D.c and bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT have discovered a unique process for overcoming those challenges . . .

And they’re about to host a free online webinar event to share that process with you.

It’s called “The Three Keys To Feminine Power,” and it can help you to find those paths that will lead you to your goals and to a sense of true fulfillment in every area of your life.

Discover Your Feminine Power Now – at no charge

Since Claire and Katherine first began offering the Feminine Power online webinar, nearly 200,000 women from 184 countries around the world have responded to this proven, step-by-step approach to realizing their highest calling, fulfilling their deepest potential, and creating an extraordinary life.They’ve experienced stunning break-throughs in their relationships, creativity, prosperity, health, overall happiness, and so much more . . .

Here are inspiring stories from a few of those women:

“Since attending ‘The Three Keys To Feminine Power,’ I hardly recognize my life. I am the healthiest I’ve ever been and feel truly beautiful, inside and out. I’m traveling, eating well, exercising, enjoying beauty, being generous toward friends and family, and experiencing a financial abundance I never even imagined before. To top it all off, I’m engaged to a passionate man who is my true match in every sense!”
—Elham S., Geneva, Switzerland

“I was struggling with an intense, unnamed, relentless yearning for something that was missing. What that something was, I didn’t know. What I did know was an incessant internal gnawing, and eroded sense well-being. I’d experienced this feeling for the whole of my adult life. During the webinar I heard Claire and Katherine giving language to feelings inside me that I’d never had words for. I felt wonder at how they could know, and at the same time, felt deep relief. During this event, I found a hand extended to me in the dark.”
—Jen B., San Francisco, California

“I felt that just by listening to the webinar I was able to tap into who I truly am, which allowed for an incredible experience to unfold. I was fully present in my life’s work and, while profound, it also felt so natural! I am looking forward to connecting with the Feminine Power that I know will move mountains! I am also excited to begin to see how my work can serve humanity on a level that I’ve been unable to even imagine. I am grateful beyond words.”
—Kelli, Los Angeles, California

Again, this potentially life-changing webinar is being offered at no charge and even if you can’t listen live, as long as you register to attend, Claire and Katherine will gladly send you the recording after the event is over.

Discover The Keys To Your Feminine Power – at no charge

Claire and Katherine have created a truly powerful, ground-breaking approach that can provide you with what you most yearn for: intimacy, connection, creative expression, supportive community, meaningful contribution, and authentic success.
They’ve cracked the code on true fulfillment for women everywhere, and the impact they’re having on the world is profound.

I invite you to join Claire and Katherine for this global online webinar and gathering so you can experience the power of their teachings for yourself—and all at no charge.

Discover The Keys To Your Feminine Power

To your destiny,


P.S. Again, this online webinar is being presented at no charge, and as long as you register to attend the event, they will send you the recording afterwards.

Join Claire and Katherine To Awaken Your Feminine Power

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