Voices of Our Future 2013 Program is coming to an end!‏

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wp voices of the futureThe 2013 Voices of Our Future Program has come to a close, but our journey together to empower and lift one another’s voices continues.

Over the past six months, 31 courageous grassroots women have made the journey of a lifetime to become empowered leaders and loudspeakers for their communities. They have been emboldened by the powerful connections they have made with one another and with our amazing Editorial and Vision Mentors. The commitment and dedication that we have witnessed is a testament to sisterhood and the transforming power of love.

“Being a Mentor has had an ongoing, positive impact on both my personal life and my professional life. In my personal life, this particular mentoring has certainly resulted in mutual healing and a far broader knowledge of the suffering in the world.” –Sarah Whitten-Grigsby, Vision Mentor

“I am really grateful for the lifetime opportunity of connecting with everyone who has been on this journey. The days ahead beam with so much hope, and I am sure that together, we will turn our world right side up!” –Greengirl, 2013 Correspondent

They have raised their voices on critical issues in order to bring their visions for change to life. From Mexico to Ukraine, from India to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, our Correspondents have courageously overcome barriers and spoken unheard truths. Their words have informed us, transformed us, and inspired us. We will forever be impacted, and this extraordinary group of women will continue to serve as a source of strength for all of us.

Working with our program partners the Global Press Institute and the Op-Ed Project, we trained the Correspondents on the principles of practicing ethical citizen journalism—including how to conduct an interview, write compelling frontline journals, feature stories, and op-eds, produce multimedia stories, and to use social media to support their work for social change.

Correspondents are currently beginning their outreach through the Each One Teach Five module. As they share the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired in the Voices of Our Future program with their communities, we are witnessing the growth of our network. We are excited to watch the impact continue to multiply through the hands of our Correspondents. As the managers of the Voices of Our Future program, we feel honored to have facilitated this experience. Our lives have been enriched by connecting with our global sisters through the World Pulse platform.

Words cannot adequately express our gratitude.

With deep love and respect,

Zoe and Delphine
Voices of Our Future Team


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