The Character of a Philanthropist – What Will They Say About You?


GK LinkedInPhilanthropy is all about relationships.

But it is not about schmoozing at fundraising galas, networking at charity events or simply seeking funding for your cause. Nor is it about seeing and being seen. Philanthropy is about establishing genuine, authentic relationships for human flourishing.

Philanthropic relationships are about the other people and their well-being. It’s not about you.

When you allow the love of humanity, philanthropy to drive and center your relationships, then there is no place for pride, ego, and selfishness. And even though many donors like to out bid friends at live auction galas (to stroke their pride and ego), these relationships are only superficial to building long lasting transformative meaning and purpose that sound, solid, and sustainable philanthropy requires.

For it is more about what is in your heart than what you can give from your bank account.

  • Money comes and goes, but will your philanthropic relationships last beyond a mere check?
  • Will you be remembered for being the big shot ego seeking, name-dropping donor, or will you be known for giving well from your own wisdom, heart, time and money?
  • What will others say about the character of you as a philanthropist?

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