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is elated to Celebrate the Life of this awakened male force to be reckoned with! A school teacher by profession, this man has awakened to the new thinking that men must Take Action and enable their feminine energy to awaken, so to find balance and peace.

Men have suffered in silence for too long‘ are the words that resonate when you know this male leader, trailing new paths for all men, with a focus on today’s youth.






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Graphic Full IconI remember being in high school and feeling quite numb to the choices I was being told I had to make. I was given a list of professions to choose from for a work placement course (co-op) and I chose to work as a Chef because it was the one on the list I hated the least. After working in a hotel kitchen for a semester I was offered a summer job at the hotel and, since it was easier than looking for another job, I accepted. One of my supervisors worked part-time at a local Chef training college and suggested I attend, and that it was easy to get in, so I signed up. I trained and worked as a Chef for almost 8 years and mostly hated every minute of it. I didn’t know it at the time but it didn’t suit my personality and I was struggling internally but felt I couldn’t tell anyone about it.

Eventually the frustration and sadness about being “stuck” in a career became too much to bear so I took a leap of faith and enrolled at the University of Toronto. I made a promise to myself that my indifference to my life’s choices in high school would never be repeated. I chose courses that I enjoyed, regardless of the employment prospects they did or did not provide. I wanted to be true to myself, and the things that stirred up some sort of passion inside me.

south korea pacificAfter attaining my university degree I thought it would be fun to travel and I began working as an English teacher in South Korea.

It was at this point in my life that I discovered my love for teaching and for guiding young people towards their full potential.

australia_and_oceaniaI proceeded to attend teacher’s college in Australia and stayed there to teach in a high school for a year. The high school I taught at was geared towards students who didn’t “fit it” at traditional educational institutions.

My high school was a refuge for many of them who had been through many challenging events in their lives. What I found so unique about the school though was throughout my entire year teaching there, not one fight broke out. Not one screaming match was had. Those kids really looked out for each other and were sensitive to each other’s personal needs and struggles.

A major factor in this school was its support system of mental health professionals. They would work closely with the students to ensure a healthy school environment and would include the teachers in the process as well. It was at this time in my life that I realized the importance of mental health to our young people, and I began to wonder if this school’s approach was applicable to other schools and to other aspects of society.

man seesMy journey led me to read a book by a male Australian psychologist named Steve Biddulph called “The New Manhood”. I was completely overwhelmed with his words. Never in my life had I heard a man open up with such honesty about life as a male and the personal struggles involved with living up to the expectations placed upon us by society. For the first time in my life I felt as if I was truly understood, that someone else was experiencing the same hardships of trying to “be a man” all the time, and that it was affecting his mental health too. I felt a wave of emotions overtake me, that I had never felt before, and it was both rejuvenating and cathartic, and gave me a sense of freedom that I’d never experienced.

_MG_9942_03I began to read more about men and masculinity, and particularly how it affected men’s mental health. The results of my inquiries, and the extent to which men are suffering, shocked me. The topic became my obsession and I began the process of making a documentary that explored this topic in more detail. Throughout the process of making the film I continued working as a high school teacher, back home in Toronto, and it startled me to see so many young men in the hallways pretending to be men every day, all day. Fights were common amongst boys and sensitivity to others’ struggles was not part of their daily consciousness. The juxtaposition of my days at school and my nights exploring men’s mental health solidified my previous thoughts that this film is extremely important and needs to be made.

Many men suffer in silence. Doc explores consequences to men’s mental health as a result of trying to “be a man“.

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How Does Kickstarter Work?
Kickstarter uses an “All or Nothing” model, meaning if there isn’t enough pledges by the time the deadline is reached for the project, the deal is void and no money changes hands.

What Will The Money Be Used For?
The production stage of the film is complete and the funds will go directly towards the many post-production costs needed to bring it to life (eg. editing, sound design, colour correction, music rights).  

Why Is This Film Important?
I believe many men want to become better men, but we don’t always know how and we’re “not allowed” to talk about it, or ask for help. Too many suffer in silence within the “box” of masculinity and don’t know how to break out of it. Starting a conversation about men is the first step towards releasing their pain and loneliness, and creating an environment in which men can become full, happy, healthy human beings. The ripple effect of men opening up to their full humanity is beneficial to everyone.

About The Director
I am as independent as an independent filmmaker gets.  I’ve been working on this film for over two years and have spent thousands of dollars of my own money making it happen.  The ENTIRE project has come out of my own pocket and I’ve maxed out (see: credit cards) my ability to fund the post-production side of it.

What’s the film about?

Don’t cry. Always be strong. Emotion is weak.

Let’s Talk About Men is a tender and honest exploration of the mental health implications of men having to live within the “box” of masculinity. Pulling no punches, the film focuses on honest and frank discussion to uncover the pain that has been buried inside men’s consciousness for generations. With many men unaware of their own struggles, the documentary uses thoughtful discourse, hysterical dialogue and intimate moments to shine a fresh light on the experience of being a man. Mental health experts and “average Joes” combine to create a narrative that unearths the truth about men’s lives. Let’s Talk About Men does not simply skim the surface or offer criticism, rather, the film provides sincere insight into practical things we can do today, tomorrow, and for the rest of our lives to help men break out of the “box” of masculinity.

Dario Vrbanek (@LetsTalkMen) on Twitter

Dario Vrbanek (@TalkAboutMen) on Twitter

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