Smooth and Soft Heels for Summer Sandals, a Miracle! {15 blogs to help}


footscrubSummertime means that bare feet and sandals are an absolute must, however, that also means that your feet need to be sandal ready. Unfortunately, our feet take quite a beating transporting us to and from places every day, and to get them prepped and primed for summer you’ll need to give them a little extra TLC. These 15 blog posts are filled with information for getting your feet ready for summer so you can rock those strappy sandals all summer long.


The most basic way to soak your feet is in a bath of warm, soapy water; however, if your feet need some refreshing, you may want to try a more complex soak. These five blog entries have recipes that are sure to perk up tired feet and loosen dead skin so that your feet are refreshed and ready to sport sandals this summer.

  • DIY Foot Soak Recipes This post has different foot soak recipes that utilize ingredients you probably already have at home, and will get your feet primed for exfoliation.
  • 5 Ways to Treat Hardworking Feet These five methods will get your feet sandal ready just in time for summer.
  • Soft Feet Foot Soak Try the foot soak recipe in this post to soften rough skin, then use a scrub brush to remove any dead skin for renewed feet.
  • Home Remedies for Cracked Feet Sometimes the most basic recipes work wonders. This post recommends using warm water and lemon juice to loosen dead skin.
  • The Best Thing for Your Feet! This soak, which utilizes Epsom salts and bubble bath, is both effective and relaxing.


It’s important to follow a foot soak with a good scrub to remove any dead skin. You can make your own salt or sugar scrub at home to exfoliate after soaking. Check out the various scrub recipes in these five blog posts to find one that appeals to you.  Another bonus of making your own scrubs? These homemade scrubs make great gifts!


Running around barefoot and in flip flops dries your feet out, so you’ll need to  moisturize your feet after scrubbing the dead skin from them. You’ll also want to regularly use lotion to keep them moisturized. These five blog articles are full of information to help you create homemade creams for moisturizing your feet.

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