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Women of the World is an international vocal ensemble currently based in Boston. What started out as a dream three years ago, has become a real musical force. Ayumi Ueda, a Berklee College of Music student from Japan sought to create an eclectic ensemble of women from all over the globe in order to create music for peace.

In 2008, Ayumi joined forces with other Berklee students, Ali Rapetti from the United States, Giorgia Renosto from Italy, and Annette Philip from India in order to manifest this vision. From the group’s very beginning, they delighted in sharing the beauty of different cultures and what that cross-pollination sounded like in music.

WOW floor copy 1Women of the World was formed to bring women musicians from across the globe onto a common platform to collaborate and create, not only through the sharing of music, but also to explore and celebrate the differences in ideologies, and cultural tenets that exist in the daily lives of women all over the world.

The 10-piece core ensemble performs a varied repertoire of folk and traditional music, currently in 17 of the world’s languages.

With tours in Japan and North America, including performances at the Blue Note Jazz Club, Carnegie Hall, Boston Symphony Hall, BeanTown Jazz Festival, TEDxBoston, and United Nations events, Women of the World strives to support and engage in peace building efforts, including local and global movements that help foster unity amidst the rich diversity that surrounds us.


Gruppo vocale etnico completamente al femminile. Le “Women of The World” sono un gruppo di sette meravigliose e uniche voci provenienti da tutto il mondo: Giappone, Pakistan, Stati Uniti,India, Italia, Grecia e Brasile. I nostri suoni abbracciano le melodie di tutte le lingue della Terra, i nostri ritmi e armonie portano l’ascoltatore nel piu’ variopinto giro intorno al Mondo.

Women of the World  

This is the first Women of the World Behind the Scenes video!

We are not only an international musical ensemble, playing together to spread the message of peace, unity and joy… we are learning about different cultures, food, music while building strong bonds together as friends. Besides enjoying performing and sharing our music with audiences all over the world, we love the journey of growing and creating together.

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