World Bank: Women Key to Economic Growth



Currently, barriers of law and custom stop many women from getting financing for business.

Removing those barriers can help overcame the gender gap, and unleash economic growth.

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Investing in Women Health – In countries where women have adequate access to reproductive health services — such as family planning, skilled attendance at birth and emergency obstetric and neonatal care — maternal and newborn deaths are rare. But this is a luxury in many African countries.

Africa has the highest maternal mortality ratio in the world, with 57 percent of all maternal deaths occurring on the continent.

There has been some progress in the past couple of years, with the maternal mortality ratio for sub-Saharan Africa falling by 41 percent between 1990 and 2010. A total of 189,000 of the 358,000 maternal deaths that occur every year worldwide still take place in Africa.

For any pregnant woman in sub-Saharan Africa, the lifetime risk of dying from pregnancy-related complications is one in 39, compared to the industrialized world, where it is one in 4,700. READ MORE – GLOBAL POST


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