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Data is fuel for innovation, and developers and entrepreneurs are key players who can turn that fuel into innovations that matter. We want to see what you are doing with health data! Be part of the excitiment this year and apply today to be part of Health Datapalooza IV—get exposure for your products and services, network with fellow innovators, and build connections that can help your company grow. Check out a great blog post by U.S. CTO Todd Park and HHS CTO Bryan Sivak on the importance of health data and the tools, products and services being fueled by it.


Have you registered for Health Datapalooza IV yet?

Come be part of the biggest health and data event in the nation. Last’s years event saw over 1,500 attendees from the health care, technology and developer community. This year, we expect even more people and more excitement with new challenge competition winners, a code-a-thon, and demos of new application products and services. For all updates on Health Datapalooza IV, follow @HDPalooza on Twitter!

Finally, after registering for the event, tell us about yourself. Submit a 6 second video via Vine. By participating, you may be selected to be featured in a video that will be posted on the event site leading up to the event. Share your Vine video with us on Twitter by using @HDPalooza in your message.

Keynote speakers have been confirmed, an exciting and evolving agenda has been posted and challenges and a code-a-thon have been announced – the lead up to Health Datapalooza IV is under way! This year we anticipate the Health Datapalooza to be even bigger and better than before. As we have seen in years past, one of the most unique parts of the Health Datapalooza is the diversity of the attendees.

Last year we saw over 1,500 people attend from a wide range of professions, countries and backgrounds and this year we want to capture some of the diversity before the event. The diversity of the Health Datapalooza, with attendees from the tech, investor, health care, academic and government sectors is what allows for some of the serendipitous interactions to occur. Many of these interactions have lead to new opportunities, enhanced data education and a better understanding of the value of using health data and health data powered tools in a health care setting.

If you are attending the Palooza this year, let us know about it! Submit a quick video via Vine telling us who you are, what profession you are in (i.e. tech developer, investor, health care provider/professional, etc.) and where you are from. By participating, you may be selected to be featured in a video that will be posted on the Palooza’s website leading up to the event!

For those of you who don’t know what Vine is, it is an app that allows you to take six second videos that can then be shared via Twitter, Facebook or embedded on the web. Share you Vine video with us on Twitter using by putting @HDPalooza in your message!

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We hope to hear from you and see you soon!

More info on how to participate can be found here.


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