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Become the New Human

Dear Friend,

If you weren’t able to join me for the special online event I held last week (or would just like to listen to it again), I encourage you to download the recording so you can take advantage of this opportunity to experience the kinds of transformations so many others have had after participating.

The 3 Keys to Discovering & Living Your True Purpose

Listen online or download it here at no charge

The letters keep coming in from people all over the world, talking about the transformations they’ve experienced in their lives since attending this seminar in the past.

And I’ve received just as many letters from people about their profound and life-changing experiences in my 7-week online course:

Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose:

Discover the Essential Tools and Techniques to Activate Your Unique Destiny Code and Live Your Highest Calling

I’ll be teaching the course again in just a few weeks, and the “Purpose Activation” process I will personally lead you through during the course will not only help you to discover your deepest purpose in life, but it can awaken the new capacities you need to actually live that purpose.

This process is uniquely effective, even if you think it’s too late for you to change in any profound or dramatic way.

houston 2You’ll be on your way to becoming what I like to call “the new human“—overflowing with confidence and charisma, and with an approach to life that makes you magnetic to everyone around you. I’m confident that my course will help you discover exciting new vistas of your interior landscape, and new ways to apply those discoveries to make a difference in the world.

Go here to find out more about my powerful process or to register for the course:

Awaken To Your Life’s Purpose

And again, I can’t urge you enough to listen to the recording of last week’s event: The 3 Keys to Discovering & Living Your True Purpose.

Here are a few more excerpts from letters I’ve received from past participants of the seminar:

“Since attending ‘The 3 Keys To Discovering Your True Purpose,’ I have been receiving many new opportunities; they have literally been coming to me without my necessity to go out and seek them. And I feel like the people I have been aligning with are part of my tribe, people who want to affect the world in a positive and big way.”
— Tara Rose, writer, Barcelona, Spain

“I’ve developed a new appreciation for my body and have begun paying attention to what it requires to thrive. I have been making more conscious choices and decisions around my health and well being, honoring and nurturing myself in even greater ways than I had before. I’ve also been able to have some difficult yet much needed conversations with family members that I had been avoiding. The foundation of love in my life has solidified in deeper and more meaningful ways and I am much more confident in standing in and speaking the truth of who I am.”
— Bonnie W., magazine editor and talk radio host, Lloydminster, Canada

“I took a huge risk by leaving my job of 15 years at the age of 60. I went to a new position which I felt was more in line with my soul’s purpose. I found that I felt much more connected to the Universe and able to live my own truth. I have been much happier and had many more moments of joy in my life. I have new confidence, and have come to a new sense of myself, and also of how I fit into the Universe as a whole. This is a very empowering transformation that every person on earth should have access to!”
— Susan Melnikow, certified nurse, Encino, CA

Listen online or download it here<< The 3 Keys Recording


If you decide to join me in the course, you’ll also receive a series of guest faculty workshops, with a few of my friends who are working on the cutting edge of conscious evolution: social innovator Barbara Marx Hubbard, women’s transformation expert Claire Zammit, and spiritual teacher Terry Patten.

Join me and step into the meaning-infused, purpose-driven life you were born to live.

To your highest purpose,


P.S. And when you register by ‘midnight‘ on Thursday, April 18th you’ll also receive a powerful early registration bonus workshop with my good friend and spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra called, “Spirit, Science, Purpose & Destiny: Understanding ‘SynchroDestiny’ to Unleash Your Potential and Create the Life You’re Meant to Live.”

Find out all the details about the course and bonus here


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