VERONICA – Spiritual Messages: Past Lives


A Message From VERONICA




“Outside of the linear there dwells an infinity of experience that plays a part in your current physical existence. Since when you are born into most cultures you are taught and expected to consider only the current moment this can sometimes be overwhelming.
It is, however, a fact. You have multiple lives that make up the “novel” of your linear participation. When not embodied you do have recall of the information. In body there are sometimes coincidental moments that often give one pause.
Sometimes one can explain them away, however, often they remain an enigma to the current perspective. So if there are incidents that feel incomplete or out of sync with your life, it may be that it is an episode in the grander picture of your existence.
These incidents often may make perfect sense in a full perspective of your multiple incarnating.Opening the mind to such a possibility can give clarity to the confusing moments while defining who you are as a soul not the personality you are manifesting as in this life.
An advanced soul will often have several thousand experiences to draw upon while engaging a lesson or plan.
Multiple lives are a tool to the soul’s evolution.





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