Lynette Louise Taking Action for AUTISM, as the ‘Brain Broad’


Autism awareness and acceptance doesn’t mean not helping.

0While millions of dollars are being spent on autism studies, more studies and re-evaluation of studies, and thousands of Facebook pages, blogs and websites are being designed to argue vaccine issues, the cure conundrum and semantics, Lynette Louise is running around the world (well, mostly flying and sometimes driving!) with her brain computers and passion for believing in a future for all autistics and their families, making a concrete and remarkable difference!

Lynette Louise is the single mother of eight now grown kids.

Six of her kids were adopted; four of whom were on the spectrum of autism. With a confidence in her children that was challenged by every professional, teacher and neighbor, Lynette was able to help guide all but one of her autistic sons off the spectrum and into a life of independence and bill paying. Her son, Dar, is still at home and progressing happily, albeit slowly.

She calls him her ‘slow moving miracle’.

Armed with a lifetime of knowledge, two board certifications, a love of laughter and desire to sing; Lynette wrote a one woman musical comedy CRAZY TO SANE.

lynette cdAs a hands-on play therapist, family dynamics counselor and neurofeedback practitioner, Lynette is able to walk into the home of a struggling family and balance their brains, change their lives and free their minds from worry about the future.

As a performer Lynette is able to do something very similar for an audience of hundreds, while freeing herself to be what she has always been at heart.

A performer with a desire to affect the world!!

Lynette has performed CRAZY TO SANE in venues around the world, from Kansas to Berlin, offering autism awareness, answers, action and acceptance with volume and toe-tapping tunes! Always audiences are inspired and excited to go home armed with tips and brain science that is easily remembered, thanks to Lynette’s ability to make learning fun and funny!!


She does it with heart, she does it with gusto and she does it with a true belief in everyone; on the spectrum and off. She does it so that families won’t have to struggle like she did, and like her children did.

She does it because there is still lots of work to be done!

april-is-autism-awareness-monthAutism Awareness and acceptance doesn’t mean not helping. It means offering answers and hands on help.

And it means being willing to do the work.

Lynette Louise is not only exampling doing the work, but through her show and her music, she examples how the work can be fun AND make a wonderful difference in the world!!

An author, speaker, podcast host and creator/host/therapist for the new reality series FIX IT IN FIVE with LYNETTE LOUISE aka THE BRAIN BROAD, Lynette works her butt of to offer real answers, real solutions and real hope to families around the world.

Contact: Lynette Louise, Doubly Board Certified in Neurofeedback, working on her Doctorate in Clinical Psychophysiology
Tel.: 713-213-7682




lynette louise bookLynette is currently a PhD candidate at the College of Psycho-physiology and completed her masters Degree in Social and Behavioral Science as well as becoming board certified (Nationally and Internationally) in Neuro-feedback, Biofeedback-EEG.

Her book Miracles Are Made: The Real Life Guide To Autism‘ was officially released in April of 2011.



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