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elsa-PMy dog, Lila, has a dramatic Leo Moon. She’s an eternal child with golden hair. She’s best friends with the big, black, muscular, Boxer girl dog who lives next door. These dogs met as puppies, spying each other through the fence. Love at first sight!

They repeatedly tore the fence down so they could play together. The parents on both sides of the fence finally gave up trying to repair it. We now have a “dog hole” in the fence so the girls can come and go.

Lila is obsessed with her giant friend, Rylee. When, Rylee isn’t around, Lila whines and sulks. She climbs on a table in the back yard and tries to see and be seen by Rylee. She leaves offerings all over both back yards, trying to lure her friend to play.

Meanwhile, Rylee with be in the house, put on restriction by her parents. She gets quite depressed when she’s kept from, Lila, who is constantly rambunctious and flamboyant, waving her fluffy tail. Lila has a dramatic Leo Moon.

So these dogs suffer when they’re apart, but guess what happens when, Rylee is finally allowed to come over?

Lila acts like her friend is ruining her life.

  • Rylee eats her food – Lila complains.
  • Lila hangs a rawhide from her mouth, Rylee snatches it, and Lila complains.
  • Rylee gets on Lila’s parents bed, or hogs Lila’s dad, and Lila complains.

Then Rylee goes home, and Lila climbs on the table and looks out, ‘Where’s Rylee?”

I have watched this drama play out, daily for more almost two years and I watch the same drama play out in my client’s lives. They meet someone and they can’t live with ’em and they can’t live without ’em either.

The dogs are dogs. They are never going to resolve this. But people can identify patterns in their relationships and they can alter them.

If you’re living the life of, Lila, and you’d like to change this, check out my class – Finding Love With Astrology, which should really be called, “Finding and Keeping Love with Astrology“.

It’s a small price to pay to get out of your rut.

Have a great day!
Elsa P



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