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is elated to Celebrate the Life of this woman, one that has devoted her life to the betterment of others, and on this journey at a crossroad, founded an amazing global women’s organization designed to develop women in areas of Leadership*Advocacy*Diversity*Philanthropy.




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Dilshad Dayani

It’s not just our tagline. It’s at the core of everything we do.


It is with great joy that I welcome you to the Founder of World Women Global Council.

In her own words, “WWGC is an answer to hope for many women because I understand what it’s like to be at a crossroads and in need of guidance, motivation, and support. I often reflect on my humble beginnings as well as my struggles and challenges growing up in a developing country in a middle class family.

immigrantLater, after getting married and coming into a new country as an immigrant, I learned to redefine many aspects of life and raised two wonderful boys. But it was during my summer vacations as a teenager when I felt a compelling reason to give back. Watching the poverty and abuse of children and women on a daily basis and observing women’s economic plight and cultural and religious subjugation, I knew that although I couldn’t change the world, that was no reason to allow myself the luxury of inaction. Both my parents and my faith instilled in me a desire for excellence and education, and education not only in itself but rather as a tool for service to others.

My parents, who late in their life were supporters of WWGC, would always say that if girls at a tender age are conditioned to believe that they are weak, vulnerable, and second-class human beings, then they will begin to perceive themselves as a caged bird: having wings but hesitant to fly. Caged in thoughts and actions and limited in capacity, she attributes everything that befalls her to fate and destiny. This, however, was not acceptable to me. I say to you, take courage and choose not to be the victim! I say to you, take steps to transform your mind, so you can transform your actions, your life, and ultimately, your destiny! I say to you, your life CAN be fulfilling, beautiful, and triumphant after tragedy! I say to you, if you want better, you CAN have better! You CAN design your destiny and discover your dreams if you believe in yourself. Ultimately, the power to create change lies with you!

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In this spirit, we have established Youth Initiatives for Women Leadership. This initiative will bring major changes at grassroots level in the education and much-needed political representation of our youth and young women and through our Global Girl Leadership Program.

On-site learning for community health center gathering with local dispensaries/clinics

For the past 18 years, WWGC has been aiding women and children through education, proactive health interventions, microfinance, media advocacy, life skills, leadership training, and resource access using multimodal approaches. WWGC is a global platform with local, national, and global initiatives. I strongly believe that when Women Empower Women in Learning and Leadership (W.E. W.I.L.L.)@TM, their intent and conviction encourage other Women to Take Action.

DD village-women-in-collaboration-copy-300x197These microfinance banks provide women a strong hope for realizing their potential by giving them the power to change things. The banks redistribute these loans with the help of local auditors and financial institutions who not only monitor payment cycles but also guide these women on how to develop better financial strategies for future projects.

The women learn basic skills and become mentors for other women and families who seek new opportunities. In this particular project the women designed a project to buy a van so their children do not have to miss school due to weather conditions. The van could also be used for seniors who need it to go to nearby doctors and dispensaries during the day. The women learned to drive and took turns driving to meet community needs.

Steve-Jobs-Day-October-16In his 2005 commencement address at Stanford University, Steve Jobs reminded us that our time is limited and that we should not waste it living a life dictated by someone else. We shouldn’t be trapped by dogma, —living with the results of other people’s thinking.

We shouldn’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out our own inner voices. And most importantly, we should have the courage to follow our own hearts and intuition.

He concluded with “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

I wish that for myself, and I wish that for every woman. I hope you will be our supporter and ally in the change we all wish to see in the world.”

From my heart to yours,
Dilshad Deyani
Founder and Executive Director, WWGC

Diversity Statement

“We believe that the diversity of our community is a fundamental strength of our region. Our mission is best fulfilled when we embrace diversity as a value and a practice.”

Empower, Enlighten and Enjoy!

Dilshad is the reigning queen Mrs. Dallas United America 2011-2012. Her career as a Motivational Speaker, Educational Consultant,and Broadcasting Journalist has helped her advocate, assist and drive many social issues. She is the President and Founder of “World Women Global Council”. (A Global Initiative In Learning, Leadership and Empowerment). The organization for the past 16 years has worked with public and private sector. WWGC has delivered many overarching goals and best practices to improve the quality of life locally and in the Southern regions of the world.

DD1Giving girls and women the basic human rights has been the mission, passion and her lifelong dream. As the Vice President of Advocacy for UN WOMEN Dallas Chapter she aims to promote Millennium Development Goals. She has a Masters from Columbia University and is a member of Kappa Delta Pi International honor Society of Excellence and Fellowship. She serves on the Advisory Board for NPR and PBS. Currently as a social researcher and Speaker she delivers empowering multimedia production for minorities that run nationally.

bw5Her team along with Child Literacy organization in NY has helped establish mobile libraries in India, Pakistan Bangladesh and the Philippines. SAMAR the only South-Asian Marrow Association of Recruits uses her media outreach partnership to provide awareness and donor registration information to the South Asians across the Country. Modeling for cultural fashion shows where the idea goes to benefit the broad frame of Impact to Empower through Global Giving!

The research based empowerment broadcasting module along with her long community service has earned accolades and awards from South Asian Media, Asian American Citizen Council, Women’s Global Network, Child Literacy in NY, Asia Initiatives NY, South Asian Marrow Transplant NY, Texas United America Pageants, Peace Builders Pakistan and Change Initiative India.

Her research work has become part of Columbia University Library , NY and Dallas Libraries. She has been interviewed and cited in LA Times, Dallas Morning News,New America Media and many publications nationally. Empowering women and immigrant families for more than 15 years, she has designed life skills programs for immigrant communities aligning cultures and information.

unAs a UN correspondent she takes active role in the MDG’s initiatives and complements as a consultant for several Advisory Boards across the country.

Published author for Children’s Book and Poetry Classics she is busy speaking at National Conferences related to Child Advocacy, Domestic Violence and Abuse, Women’s Rights, Gender Dynamics, Media Literacy and Immigrant Acculturation to name a few. She has presented her work in Columbia University, St. John, NY University and Princeton.

“I think the show has done tremendous service to the diverse population and has helped them in many ways to adjust in a new society.”
Carol Lane ~ Psychologist and National Trainer

“I want to tell you your voice is like angel singing and the soothing tempo of the show sometimes makes me listen to the topics which are not quite relevant to me. I am hooked…like the way children are hooked on phonics.. love and Allah bless you! ~ Rabia Jamal

“Dilshad my dear!!! I can’t thank you enough ..I still remember the day when I heard your show and cried in the car because I was not doing the right thing with my teenage son…you changed my life!!” Shaheen Saleem ~ Cleaners Management

“I want to thank you for bringing such strong content to the show which our desi stations lack. Our community needs these kind of shows to grow and adjust to main stream smoothly.” ~ Sunita Khan

DDWWCG PROGRAMS & Programs and Services

The work and mission attributed to WWGC in the past 18 years has been helping women and families with education, advocacy, microfinance, conflict resolution, child development skills, and leadership awareness to resource access using multi-modal approaches. WWGC is a global platform with local, national, and Global initiatives.

*Child Focused *Women Focused * Family Centered *Committed to Excellence *

We engage and render workshops and retreats to bring together civil societies, corporates, government agencies and educational institutions to embrace cultural competencies.

We Create media empowerment talk shows nationally to impact and enhance lifelong learning skills for immigrant women.

We Deliver workshops and seminars on various self-growth tools such as leadership to corporate equity and how girls can learn to create a life enhancing sustainability plan early in their lives.

WWGC addresses challenges of acculturation.

WWGC aims to deliver as a multi-faceted organization fueled by a mission and spirit to revolutionize the media, lifestyle, economic capacity& vision of global leadership as a community of empowered and resilient women.

YIWL will create an advocacy and action initiative via all their projects and bring the much desired capacity building plan into focus to the circle of influence.


Why I wrote this book?

photoThe content of the book “Confrontation 9” came as an inspiration when I decided to launch a Youth Initiative for Women Leadership program to mentor and create powerful voices of our youth, especially young women, as legacies.

Two years ago, after founding “World Women Global Council,” a global platform for women working for advocacy to action-based initiatives, my mentor motivated me to narrate my long journey of work, lessons learnt, experiences shared, and best practices delivered in different areas of human capital. BUY BOOK TODAY

I started thinking about it and questioned myself as to how I can leave a legacy after 19 years of work with women from different cultures. There were significant pieces of learning which I had embraced in my personal journey working as an advocate for women’s rights, a diversity coach, and most importantly, an immigrant mother of two. Giving back through different formats of learning always fascinated me. However, in this journey, the book was yet another medium powerful enough to share a strong message that resonated cultural elements which play a very significant role to define a woman’s success.

“How do we build the courage to question traditions, norms, cultural values and media conditioning in order to build our own unique definition of success, balance and culture map that satisfies our talents, capacities and family dynamics?”

I wanted to relate my experience working with different multicultural women coming into this country and how at various points we all struggled to live our dreams from building a new home to realizing freedom of aspirations. Therefore, this book has attempted to incorporate my journey cultural challenges and process of acculturation along with the cognitive and self-help tools of questioning, so we can help each other search and redefine a personalized map of meaningful success, abundance and fulfillment.

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A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this change maker into our Alumni with open arms, and look forward to celebrating positive change for all the women of our world.


Brava Dilshad!



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