VERONICA, What is Important on Your Journey?


What is Important on Your Journey

“Each day in the linear is filled with distractions in your spiritual awareness. A focus on who and what your energy represents is important on your journey.

Perhaps begin each day with an acknowledgement of what your do have as opposed to what you don’t.

Spiritual awareness is a critical factor in the progress one makes while incarnate. Thus, it is imperative to remain in contact with the core energy that has created this linear experience.

Take the time to exchange energy with your soulful intent. It is often left behind in the “tasks” of the day. Focus on what appeals to your soul rather than what appears to be an immediate satisfaction of the physical world.

We realize that most have forgotten what truly resonates within them. Often this leads to confusion and difficulty. Perhaps realign everything so that your growth becomes the focal point, instead of the physical clutter.

Design each day to include your awareness of who you are. This is a soulful awareness, not a physical one. You have had many linear names, occupations, and participations, yet you have one soul. Treat it with reverence. Each day appreciate the linear opportunities, and yes obstacles.

They will advance your energy while the linear will remain, yet recede into memory.

Make each day an opportunity to be a true representative of your soul.

Be full of grace with an awareness of spirit.

It’s really the path.”



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