VERONICA, ‘Keep This Tucked Within Your Consciousness’



Keep This Tucked Within Your Consciousness

“Often physical reality becomes cloudy with dramas”.
Seeing clearly is a way to help resolve the disconnect you might be experiencing.

Remove obstacles that may be clouding your vision on the truth. Even if the truth is difficult to accept, you will at least have firm ground to stand on.

The challenge then is to have acceptance and application of that truth moving forward.

It is important to know who you are, while making the confidence of that truth in your daily routine.

Acceptance of your ability to create, even in a field of obstacles.

  •  Knowing your own personal truth means acceptance of yourself.
  •  Decide today that no matter what occurs, you will accept the probability of a positive outcome.
  •  Trusting that you will take the right steps towards your growth.

The more energy put in that direction, the more it can decrease the negative probabilities energetically.

You are a beautiful soul that has incarnated for growth. Accept that it is likely you will succeed.

Keep this tucked within your consciousness.”



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