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is elated to Celebrate the Life of one our world’s women leaders, a woman that has devoted her whole life to service. This powerhouse has risen in the Canadian Armed Forces to top leadership, traveled the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, in efforts to bring peace and safety to those that she journeyed with.

As one of our world’s peace keepers, this Canadian woman leader says to the world:

“Canada is a big hearted, open minded, generous and courageous nation that had always held itself to the highest standard of leadership and global teamwork. I have always felt intense pride that my country was the one nation which exemplified how to live with inclusion, dignity, community and integrity…but that precious legacy seems slowly to be eroding.”

 WATCH OUT WORLD…. a Caring Female Force to be reckoned with!




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Karen McCrimmon



Karen McCrimmon, 54, is from Weston, Ontario, which is located just 30 minutes west of Toronto. She was born to Charles and Isabel Martin. Charles was a metallurgic technician. Isabel emigrated from Scotland when she was 20 years old.

McCrimmon joined the Royal Canadian Army Cadets while in high school. In 1975 she joined the Windsor Regiment (RCAC) as a reservist while attending her Bachelor of Arts in Russian and linguistics at the University of Windsor.

Karen McCrimmon is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Canadian Forces. She has the distinction of being the ‘first woman‘ ever to command a Royal Canadian Air Force squadron. As Commanding Officer of 429 Squadron, which flew tactical transport C130 Hercules based in Trenton, Karen and her crews carried out many humanitarian and military operations around the globe.

During her career in the military, she served in many operational theaters including the first Gulf War, the Balkans and a tour in Afghanistan. She was also a senior staff officer at NATO Headquarters in Ramstein Germany.

OMMIn 1995, Karen was awarded the Order of Military Merit (OMM), among the highest peace time military awards, given to her in recognition of distinctive merit and exceptional service. The Order of Military Merit (French: Ordre du mérite militaire) is a military honour for merit that is, within the Canadian system of honours, the second highest order administered by the Governor General-in-Council, on behalf of the Queen of Canada.

Created in 1972 to replace a grouping within the Order of Canada, the three-tiered order was established to recognize members of the Canadian Forces— either regular or reserve personnel— who have demonstrated dedication and devotion beyond the call of duty, achieving conspicuous merit and exceptional military service.

Remembrance Ceremony, Nov 3 2012

Community gathers to remember fallen By Peter Clark

KAREN THE FALLEN - GIRL“It was a cool Saturday afternoon in Constance Bay, but with no rain or snow biting into Remembrance Day ceremonies, there were no complaints at the Royal Canadian Legion West Carleton Branch 616.

President Peter Wilkins emceed this year’s service and thanks everyone in attendance for their support.

A good crowd was on hand, young and old, including several scout members learning what Remembrance Day is all about, and helping with the laying of the wreaths.

Following the traditional two minutes of silence, Piper Major Alan Clark performed the lament, and Wilkins read off a message from Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

A former mayor of West Carleton and Veteran, Roly Armitage raised the flag, and Legion Branch 616 chaplain Kathryn Otley spoke to the audience and finished in prayer. (Karen teaching our ‘young women‘ to honour our fallen, fearlessly.)

“We gather together, remembering, and in our observation of this day, the marching, the laying of wreaths, the music and the singing: in our prayer, ritual and action – we transform ourselves, day by day, year by year to become people of peace,” Otley said.

“Today we are here to remember – to acknowledge the courage and sacrifice of those who served their country and acknowledge our responsibility to work for the peace they fought hard to achieve.”

Among those participating in the wreath laying ceremony was Carleton-Mississippi Mills MP Gordon O’Connor, West Carleton-March Coun. Eli El-Chantiry and Carleton-Mississippi Mills MPP Jack MacLaren.

This year’s Silvercross Mother was retired Commander-Colonel Karen McCrimmon.

karen remembrance cakeThe Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa and members of CFB Petawawa also participated, as well as the Almonte, Carleton Place, Kanata and Quyon legions.

Paul Graveline sang O Canada and God Save the Queen.

People were invited into the legion for chili and beans following the ceremony.

President Wilkins and past-president Frances Gentile also cut a cake to commemorate the occasion.

It quickly became dessert.

When Constance Bay’s Karen McCrimmon served in Afghanistan, the Afghani people didn’t ask her for help to fix their problems. They asked for tools.

karen afghanistanI spent Canada Day of 2004 serving in Afghanistan. Celebrating your national holiday in an impoverished country on the other side of the world doesn’t sound all that fun, but it actually made for some great memories. We played road hockey, enjoyed pancakes with maple syrup and sang O Canada at the top of our lungs.

Lester B. Pearson was the last veteran to serve as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Military service instills in one values often lacking in politics today: the importance of teamwork, defense of those who can’t defend themselves and, above all, service to country before self interest. It’s time for a return to that kind of leader, one who puts the needs of Canadians above political gain.


I need your help to finish this race with distinction. A donation of $20 works out to just $5 after tax credit. Your support can make all the difference.

Most importantly, it drove home for me just how lucky we as Canadians are, and reminded me why I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in the first place. Service to this country has been my life’s work and that desire to serve didn’t end just because I took off my uniform.

karen military 2During her three-month tour from May to August in 2004, McCrimmon travelled to various airports across the country, increasing air mobility throughout Afghanistan to get commercial airlines off the ground.

“They were very industrious,” she said of the people whose country she served. “They wanted better for their families and communities, and they were willing to work to get it.”

The time she spent improving airfields abroad was rewarding, but grueling.

“It was very challenging,” McCrimmon said. “I spent a lot of time on the road,” commuting between airports.

But the hardest part was being away from her two children, then ages 14 and 16, who were spending their summer with family and friends back in Canada.

As difficult as it was to be away, she said it taught her how truly lucky she was.

“I think the key to having a good life is being grateful,” she said. “It’s not happiness that makes you grateful, it’s gratefulness that makes you happy – my mother used to say that all the time.”

When McCrimmon finished serving in Afghanistan, she remained with the military for two more years before retiring in 2006.

After living in Ottawa for awhile, the McCrimmon family moved to Constance Bay.

Constance Bay veterans are glad to be home.. Karen McCrimmon, left, talks with friend Rita LePage at a Canada Day celebration in Afghanistan where she did a tour in 2004. Now a member of the Constance Bay Legion, McCrimmon helped to organize the appreciation dinner held there on Aug. 19. Submitted photo – LIVE LINKED

ccs_lgUpon retirement, Karen returned to school to study negotiation and mediation. She now owns her own small business which specializes in facilitation, conflict resolution, collaborative solutions and training.

Karen has been involved as a volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society for many years and has always been an active contributor to community and family support associations. Karen and her husband Rob have two adult children.


KAREN CARESKaren cares. You can see it seep through every pore and fiber of her being. — with Karen McCrimmon in Kanata, Ontario.

I believe Canadians want a politics and a government that matches the Canadian spirit – matches what we believe about ourselves, and honours all the work and successes accomplished by all Canadians who led the way in the past.

We need to stop focusing on what divides us instead of what brings us together. Canadians deserve the unity of leadership instead of the politics of division.

respect-pink3To get back on course we have to re-establish TRUST and RESPECT for each other regardless of our political affiliations.

Respect for the individual, respect for our similarities and our differences, respect for each other’s ideas and opinions, and respect for our democratic and national institutions which enable us to work together for the betterment of all.

I hear many pronouncements about physical and macro-economic security and they are indeed important…but if you cannot eat the food, drink the water, breathe the air, earn a decent living, and live with dignity and freedom, then that security is an illusion.

Water, food, income, job, health and environmental security all deserve the full attention of government too. Canadians have a strong connection to our land and we know there is a strong connection between the health of our land and our own health. To promote and reward the further degradation of our environment is a crime against all Canadians.


Karen for Canada


Karen launched her Canadian LIBERAL LEADERSHIP campaign in November 2012.


Joining our Youth in Canada, this WOMAN of ACTION™ educates, inspires and motivate the young women of Canada to Take Action.

With Neha and Bismah at the Ottawa Young Liberals Christmas Bash!
Thanks for the lovely evening!
You all inspire me everyday!


Karen McCrimmon, a candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, addresses a policy conference of the Liberal Party of Canada in British Columbia, at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel, Surrey, on January 18, 2013.
karen vancouver feb2013With Karen McCrimmon
From left to right;Federal Liberal leadership candidates Justin Trudeau;Martin Cauchon;Karen McCrimmon;Joyce Murray;Martha Hall Findlay;George Takach;Deborah Coyne;David Bertschi and Marc Garneau pose for photographs after the party’s first leadership debate in Vancouver;B.C.;on Sunday January 20;2013. Photo Credit: Darryl Dyck , The Canadian Press



Event Information

GTAWhere do the 2013 LPC Leadership candidates stand on job creation and the role of government in our federation? On transit and infrastructure? What about on immigration?

If these and other issues are close to your heart, mark February 16, 2013, on your calendar. That’s the day leadership candidates will share their views in the third 2013 LPC Leadership Debate in the GTA.

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If you want a guaranteed seat at the debate and the opportunity to mix and mingle with all the candidates afterwards, this is your chance.

Here are the details:

2013 LPC Leadership – GTA Debate and Reception
Saturday, February 16, 2013, 1:00pm ET
The International Centre (Orion Ballroom)
6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga
Debate: 1-3pm ET
Reception: 3-5pm ET
Debate tickets (general admission): $20 (limit 2 per person)

Debate-Reception Ticket Package
Regular ticket: $149 ($37.25 after your tax credit)
Victory Fund: $89 (1 ticket per person)
Laurier Club: $50 (at cost, 1 ticket per person)

Please plan to be in your seat by 12:45pm ET as the debate will begin promptly at 1pm ET.

Contact – Whitney Coccimiglio – 613-783-8872


Dear Fellow Liberal,
Do you want real change for the common good?
Do you believe our party should be built from the ground up?
Do you want leadership that listens to and implements the vision of the membership?
Do you want a leader who will work to further strengthen democracy in our party and our country?
Politics needs to serve the best interest…

Read it on Global News: Global News | Liberal leadership candidates take on Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions

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A Celebration of Women™

is elated and honored to welcome this Canadian example of caring, leadership and force. We look forward to working together to bring positive action to our world, especially for the betterment of the lives of women, globally.

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Brava Karen!



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