Elsa P., Stellium in Pisces, Full Moon in Virgo, Mercury Retrograde‏



This is a freaky week …

There are three main things to try to understand:

The stellium in Pisces cannot be denied.

‘The Sun, Mercury, Mars, Chiron and Neptune are all in Pisces. Venus will join them in the sign on Monday. Look for people to be inspired, transcendent, delusional, disappearing, tricky, self-undoing, undermining (or undermined), self-sacrificing and everything else you can think of that’s associated with Neptune’.

Most people agree the universe has a sense of humor. The theory is proven this week when in the middle of all this Pisces fog, the opposite sign Virgo and its ruler, Mercury, are also highlighted.

Virgo is associated with mental clarity and the ability to discriminate. Easier said then done, with all this energy in its opposite sign, Pisces. On top of that, ruler Mercury is in Pisces, turning retrograde and agitated beyond belief by Mars.

Hey! I’m sorry. But I would not be launching any missiles (verbal or otherwise) under a sky like this. It’s like shooting an arrow underwater. The current may very well carry it ’round to land in your own back. (see more on this – Never Try To Reason With A Drunk

What will work this week is ‘faith and service‘. If you stick with this, you should avoid most of the negative potentials of this energy.

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P


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