Coach Khama – Birthday DVD Celebration – Yes, 90% OFF!


BunchofBalloons-240x300It’s my Birthday!

And I have a little something for YOU!

Greetings from London! Arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon from Los Angeles.

So, my birthday is tomorrow and I’m hosting a “90% OFF ALL Products Birthday Sale” until THIS Friday, Feb. 1st!

Stock up on my content-rich DVDs (there’s 28 to choose from!) or my transformation Unleash Your Breakthrough 12-CD SET!


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But please be aware, this will be the LAST TIME I will be hosting a product sale for the entire year! My focus will be on my coaching clients. So, if you’ve been eyeing my products, it’s now or never if you want to get in on a sale price 🙂 Yes, 90% OFF!

Note: this is offer expires THIS Friday, Feb. 1st at midnight.

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KA-HTBAME-Group-1Here’s a list of my DVDs – simply use coupon code BIRTHDAY to receive any DVD for 90% OFF!

1) How to Break the Poverty Mindset

2) How to Overcome Fear

3) How to become a 6-figure Income Earner – Doing What You Love

4) Website Success: How to make your visitors buy from you

5) How to Host your own Radio Show and book gre at guests!

6) Simple Time Management

7) How to Build a Business – from the Ground Up

8) How to Effectively Conduct Tele-Seminars to Secure Clients & Generate Sales

9) How to Create and Run Monthly Membership Programs

10) Success in Sales

11) Prayer & Fasting for Supernatural Blessings

12) How to Run your own Storage, Shipping & Distribution Center from Home

13) How to Quantum Leap to your Success

14) Beauty 101

15) How to Heal a Broken Heart

16) How to Clear Your Clutter in 30 Days!

17) Khama’s Millions Documentary: A Pathway to Prosperity

18) Neurological Reprogramming Made Easy

19) Marketing Tips, Tricks & Techniques

20) How to become a Media Expert

21) Happily Single: While Preparing for The One

22) How to Lose 10 lbs. in 5 Weeks

23) How to Make Money on Social Media – FAST

24) How to Host Live Events for Fun and Profit

25) How to Fill Your Life Coaching Practice with Ideal Clients-FAST

26) How to Write a Book that Sells: from Start to Finish

27) How to Explode Your Business in a Week with Videos

28) How to Create a CD SET – From Scratch!

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