VERONICA, Recently Crossed Family and Friends

For Those of You Missing Recently Crossed Family and Friends

“For those of you missing recently crossed family and friends, it is of great importance to understand their now clear perspective of physical life.

After a period of contemplation, where they confer with their guides about the progress of their own soul, they become more able to look at the bigger picture. There is a clarity of what is important to evolution, and what is simply drama.

We are often asked what their perspective may be now that they are on the other side. While each experience is unique and not standard, there is an ability for them to look closely upon your path in the linear.

Be mindful that they are not looking at what you have or physically accomplished. They are looking at who you are soulfully, what makes your heart sing, and who you love unconditionally.

Physical will wither until it becomes a memory. Make the memories heartfelt. Inspiring yourself to focus upon the connection, rather than the result of linear encounter.

Yes they observe, but it is with spiritual eyes. That vision is one of total love. Let go of the negative and become one with their energies. There will be “time” in another life to resolve differences.

All that is necessary in this moment is to embrace the love.”


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