Montreal, 10 Great Men are Standing Up for Women

December 6, 1989 Montreal.

Violence against women had been an issue that had affected many women and children long before this date.

As we know, this day is marked in history because of the horrific murders that took place at The Ecole Polytechnic when a 25 year old male entered a school in Montreal, targeting women and vocalizing his hatred of feminists, and ending up killing 14 just because they were women .

The truth of the matter is that although the man was sick for doing that he witnessed his father abusing his mother and was abused himself as a child.. Violence against women is not something that many people want to discuss these days, but if we are going to remain silent regarding this topic, we will have far more to lose than to gain.

Violence continues to affect many women and children in their homes and in their communities. Many shelters are not able to provide a room to women that call for support because they are full. Damage is done on a daily basis and many supporters are working to end violence against women through raising awareness, raising funds and by welcoming men on board as allies. Many are shining a light on those who are working to end violence against women and build the partnerships needed to prevent and overcome violence.

Many men are taking part in saying NO to violence by participating in the 10 Great Men Campaign created by Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter.

Last year this campaign was a great success when men were asked to take part in raising awareness and funds for the shelter. Besides making a donation, men expressed feeling honored to be asked and some took on the role of Ambassadors themselves by honoring the great men in their lives.

There are studies suggesting that 94% of Ontario men believe that violence against women is a concern and 87% of those men think that violence affects all women including women in their life.

This campaign provides for the opportunity for dialogue about why Ernestine’s mission to end violence against women is so important. How is this done? Simple.

You can start by visiting the 10 Great Mencampaign site here .

Sign up to become an Ambassador for this cause.

Commit to email 10 Great Men in your life who are role models not only to yourself but in your community and ask them to make a small donation of $30 (or more).

In turn, they can become Ambassadors themselves and find others who may share their concern for the cause. And just because the campaign has a deadline, your support doesn’t have to. Together we can make a difference and work to end violence against women.

It started with one woman and the 10 Great Men in her life and it will end with the nation Standing Up for Women, 10 Great Men at a time.

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Doina Oncel – Member at Large

Doina is an entrepreneur and a single mom of two. She has experienc working in the non-profit sector and formal education in the social work field. She has experience developing and coordinating programs for youths and refugees and has been involved in leading fundraising events for community organizations with an emphsis on social media marketing. Doina is a survivor of domestic violence and now that she has re-gained her freedom she has joined the Ernestine’s board to work towards ending violence against women.

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