Indigenous Peoples 2015 development agenda – Week 3

Warm Greetings to Indigenous Peoples,

You are invited to join the 3rd and final week of dialogue with Indigenous Peoples addressing “Indigenous Peoples and inequalities in the post-2015 development agenda.”

This final week, December 10th–14th will focus on the importance of culture as an integral component of sustainable development as well as Indigenous Peoples’ rights including Free Prior and Informed Consent. The discussion is taking place online here:

Here are two questions for the 3rd week:

1. Indigenous Peoples have called on the United Nations to recognize “Culture” as the fourth pillar of Sustainable Development, in addition to the Environmental, Social and Economic pillars. How do you think that Indigenous Peoples’ perspectives on Culture, traditional knowledge and practices, including protection of Sacred Sites and Cultural Indicators for Food Sovereignty, can contribute to Global discussions, policies and decision-making about a new framework for Sustainable Development?

2. Indigenous Peoples have called on the United Nations to implement a rights-based framework for Sustainable Development, based on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples affirming the rights to Free Prior and Informed Consent, Self-determination, Treaty rights, Lands and Territories, Subsistence, and the Right to Participate in Decision-making, among others. How do you think that the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and other international human rights standards can contribute to global discussions for a new framework for Sustainable Development?

You are also invited to respond to other postings from this or previous weeks, engage in online conversations and also to post specific comments in sections of the webpage addressing the six focus areas of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues: health, environment, culture, economic and social development, education, human rights.

Your participation is very important in this process for the development of policies which will affect all of our Peoples. We will also continue to call for the implementation of formal mechanisms for the real and effective participation of Indigenous Peoples in these discussions over the next three years.

Thanks to all,

Andrea Carmen, International Indian Treaty Council (IITC)
Ghazali Ohorella, Front Siwa-Lima, Pacific
Discussion Co-moderators (with Silvia Dali Angel, Alianza de Mujeres Indígenas de Centroamérica y México)

Discussion website:


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