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Calming and Beautiful Presence

My life has been hard and painful, but because of my growing awareness of my spirit and God, it has transformed into a life of light and love. One encounter took place when I was 14.

I was pretty much neglected by my single mom, who had problems of her own and could not give me the love and nurturing every child deserves.

I was pretty much fending for myself and found myself wandering some dark streets around 11 p.m., alone and frightened. I had no idea where I was and was afraid of being raped (as I had been before) or hurt in some other way.

My “friends” had abandoned me and left me to find my own way home (I was miles away with no money). I had my 10-speed bike with me, which I couldn’t actually ride (I was intoxicated), and I was at a rare moment where I was feeling very vulnerable. (I was usually pretty self-sufficient and strong for a child and never asked help from anyone.) But I was very afraid. I had a strong feeling that if I didn’t get some help soon, I would be in a very bad situation. I guess I prayed.

Soon after this thought, I saw a brightly illuminated, smiling young man emerge from one of the darkened, sleeping houses on this lonely street. He said, “Hi, I’m Paul.” Well, I found his presence calming and beautiful and I laughed. He said he wanted to help me, and this is all I remember.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in my bed at home with no idea how I got home or how my bike got home with me. All I know is, I have a warm, glowing feeling every time I think about my angel, Paul.


– Anonymous

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