VERONICA – The Big Picture

The Big Picture

“In the beginning the recently cast soul anticipates the coming physical moment with the feeling of promise and expansion.

The goals in place, it proceeds to the linear plane with enthusiasm, while extending itself to the experience.

The physical reality is intense as the soul struggles to maneuver through the sign posts and evolvements. Often the life ends too quickly as some error of judgement ends the physical experience prematurely.

Undaunted, the soul reenters the physical plane again, perhaps without the contemplation necessary for more productive experiences… the cycle often escalating until a pattern of repetition impedes the soul’s development.

The physical personality is left with a spinning perspective of the lessons involved until to maintain its balance, it perceives only the dramas at hand.

It is important to realize that recognized drama can be realigned or eliminated. Stepping back from the linear’s intense focus to the larger picture can give clarity.

This big picture focus offers an opportunity to find solutions while maintaining the physical focus.

Step back.

Realign your focus.

See everything, not just the explosive drama in front of you.

The solution will be easier to see in the big picture.

Step back.



The big picture may offer more answers of resolution, and your soul perceiving all the energy will have opportunity to assist.

Step back.

See the bigger picture.


With April Crawford, these non-physical guides can come through entirely, allowing them to communicate without any distortion by April Crawford’s own opinions or beliefs. They can get up and walk around the room if they want to, look you in the eyes with their (April Crawford’s) eyes wide open, and use a full range of body language, hand gestures, and humor to help make a point.
The non-physical teachers and guides who speak via April Crawford are here to make their connections with individuals like you much easier and much more accessible than has ever been possible before the advent of the Internet and easy inexpensive world-wide telephone service.
By having conversations with spiritually evolved entities and guides, you can gain tremendous perspective and knowledge. You can better understand yourself, your dramas and issues… and you can also begin to understand those about you… on a core energy or “essensce” level.
You can better realize your true power to create that which is perfect for your expansion… both as an individual and as part of a co-creating group of individuals.
You can learn to remove boundaries… not just barriers.

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