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Changing Patterns

“It is inevitable in the linear for one to create patterns of thoughts and behavior. Some are productive, while others hinder growth significantly.

When you were a child, drawing patterns was a way to increase your participation. There was always the need, however, to move on from a continuous pattern that was no longer interesting to create. If there was unconscious participation then on could continue the pattern endlessly. Once fully conscious, however, there was a desperate need to discontinue.

Awareness of monotonous patterns is essential to growth both in physical and spiritual. It is important each day to take a moment to look honestly at patterns you are currently creating. Without this self check, your patterns can become connected to others causing more complicated patterns to emerge in quite a dramatic display of negativity.

Many become overwhelmed while not truly understanding what has occurred. While quite impossible to change others, you can increase your awareness. Change your patterns and release yourself from difficult situations.

We advise an honest look at your patterns daily. Some are repeated endlessly while new ones emerge all the time. Often it’s surprising that the root of a problem grew from your own patterns of behavior. By recognizing this you become more powerful in creating your reality. There will always be other participants, but by remaining aware of the probabilities of a patterns, you create an ability to be more in control.

We understand that many who read this will already feel victim to created negativity. Your biggest chance to change that comes directly from you.

Change the pattern, change the reality.

Even the most subtle change will have an effect on the energy.

Take time to look at yourself honestly. Make the changes.

You are the creator of your reality. It is time to take back the ownership.”

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