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This woman has been inspired to devote her talents to a genre that many women would not, that is SCIENCE FICTION. Her talents include writing, artistic works in HAIGA and cooking.

We are very excited to share that this powerhouse also speaks 15 languages, supports charitable works for the research and cure of AUTISM, having children of her own with this condition; an impressive statement of her character and ability to persevere.






Camilla Stein


ALTRUISM, an energy that inspires the Action of Love.



It’s hard to define altruism; people are either born with it or have learned it from people who were born with it. I experience altruism as a vibe, positive energy, that invisible string that connects humanity, coming from one heart to another. This is why I do what I can to enhance this positive energy, multiply it and make others aware of its presence in our lives during our time on Earth. I go by the motto of love.

Nothing else seems more important than love, only love.


Being there for your family is love. Making a change in another person’s life is love. Serving is love.
Love is an Action, it is not static, it moves, it floats, it unites people, it heals and it can be destructive if it encounters evil.


Learn to channel love into action. This is the way to save the world. Peace won’t come till we learn to love each other unconditionally. We will keep soaking in bloodbaths all over the planet till we understand that love is our lesson on this Earth.


Love and help each other. It’s simple.


As for writing, here’s no clear cut answer, no paradigm – it’s always a matter of personal courage. Although, there might be one thing … Once you’ve experienced something powerful and life changing like going through a preventive breast surgery, pulling yourself out of PTSD and clinical depression, raising children with a disability, standing by a partner with a chronic illness, it’s good karma to share your lessons with others and give them an opportunity to enlighten their hearts.

Camilla supports VIKI’S VIEW, supporting those with Autism.


•Ik was bang dat ik zou moeten vertellen over alles wat er in mijn leven gebeurd is. Dat hoeft helemaal niet. Wat een opluchting! •
Voor mij als ouder is zo’n nieuwe therapie wel spannend. Daarom was het fijn om zelf mee te mogen doen, zodat ik precies wist wat er met mijn kind zou gaan gebeuren. Dat geeft vertrouwen.
• mensen die overwegen Viki’s View te gaan volgen kan ik de tip meegeven om het gewoon te ondergaan. Ik begrijp nu hoe moeilijk het is om precies te omschrijven wat er gebeurt. Het is een ervaring, een hele belevenis. Heel anders dan de voorstelling die ik gemaakt had! Het allerbelangrijkst is dat ik weer regie over mijn eigen leven heb gekregen!
•Wat houdt de therapie in voor mij als client? U komt in een prikkelarme ruimte tegenover de therapeut te zitten die door middel van ritmische aanraking van uw handen u laat ontspannen. Daarna voelt u dat de therapeut uw alertheid voor u regelt, waardoor u zich soms slaperig/loom voelt en op andere momenten erg alert. Dit is nodig voor de therapie. Er wordt van u verwacht dat u de therapeut volgt als die u denkopdrachten geeft. Als u een vorm van autisme heeft oefent u meerdere malen dezelfde soort opdrachten om ervoor te zorgen dat u nieuwe vaardigheden aanleert.
•Wat gebeurt er als het bij mij niet werkt? Gemiddeld duurt Viki’s View 5 sessies. Er zijn mensen die minder snel resultaten ervaren en er 8 sessies over doen. Bij sommige mensen zien we al na 3 keer een positieve verandering. Als iemand veel moeite heeft om te wennen of door complexe problematiek meer dan 8 sessies nodig heeft, nemen wij die persoon daarna op in een onderzoeksgroep. Dit betekent dat er in zo’n geval niet meer dan 8 sessies in rekening gebracht worden. Mocht u besluiten dat deze therapie voor u niet prettig is, dan kunt u op elk moment stoppen. Wij adviseren u om dit niet te snel te doen omdat het gemiddeld 5 keer duurt voordat we resultaat boeken.

Camilla also enjoys her baking, and here are her very own Japanese Green Tea Mochi dusted with coconut flakes…..mmmmmm!


Camilla Stein is listed among contemporary haiga artists on The Haiga Pages.


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It’s a waste to keep it all to oneself. We are one nation under God.If you are given a gift of anything, your return is to use this gift to build and save, and help.

Give, give, give. That’s all I know.

Thank you!

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Recently released short story ‘Return to Timbuktu’


” A youthful sturdy Kenyan in a midnight blue diving suit bent his knees and kneeled down at the far left corner of the temple. He reached inside a deep hollow under one of the building rocks where the temple floor met the bottom of an old mural.

When his hand touched a cool slick object, he whispered in Swahili: “Pongezi, Mbwana!” He pulled the object out, held it under his flash lamp for a moment and stashed it into a small waterproof backpack. Now he needed to get going, and fast. Water would rise in a few moments, and the temple would again submerge into the depth of the Indian Ocean. Mbwana made his way towards the exit. As he was about to step outside, a tall dark figure, previously masked by the wall’s shadow, moved forward and blocked his way. A brisk beam of light brushed over Mbwana’s face, accentuating his dark chocolate skin, and disappeared into the shade.

“Leaving so soon?” Ian stood there with a stealthy smile on his suntanned face . …excerpt, CLICK LINK ABOVE

For professional inquiries, please contact Camilla’s Literary Agent in the United States Deborah McNichol at debmcnichol@hotmail.com .

Occupation: Writer

Genre: Science Fiction

Trademark: Cozy Horror, Cyberpunk, Post-Apocalyptic Sci Fi


Camilla also writes on other subjects such as autism and social issues, and does film reviews.
Camilla’s favorite quote is the one by Leo Buscaglia, PhD; “A single rose can be my garden, a single friend my world.”

Camilla is also a celebrated member of our own Board of Advisor here at A Celebration of Women™ .

A Celebration of Women™

sends our blessings

and welcomes this wonderful spirit to our family of Women Taking Action!


Brava Camilla!


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