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Matters of the Heart

“There are moments in life where the heart takes a bruising especially in the areas of relationships. These experiences have the ability to propel an individual into an evolvement stage, or into a negative spiral, which attracts more drama and more bruising.

We are often asked why, by those who seek counsel. It appears to those involved in a negative spiral that indeed their whole existence is out of control.

We suggest that if you find yourself in such a situation that a moment of pause may be useful. By this we mean to stop the energy that has created you into such a disheartening situation. Realize that the ideal formula for change is as simple as changing your own energy in the relationship. Often heart bruisings by another are an accepted fact by the recipient of the abuse.

There is no magic formula for changing others. One cannot create an elixir to change another’s perspective in any relationship. All one can do is change their own perspectives.

Like a pebble thrust into a pond the ripples emanating from its contact forever changes the energy of the water, thus changing the dynamics of the pond.

If you are dissatisfied with any relationship we suggest digging deep into your own heart + energy to change it. Like a pebble your actions from that change of perspective will make a difference.

After all it is is all about energy. If you alter yours the surrounding energies adjust accordingly, some even falling away.

Realize that in the arena of the heart you are in just as much control if you embrace your power within yourself.

You can eliminate bruising and attract a fresh moment of prosperity in the relationship arena. You again must decide without fear. Move your energy around and watch the results.

If you are doubtful proceed anyway. There is nothing to lose. Just do it.”



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