VERONICA – Castles


“Each physical life offers the opportunity to gather experience for the soul’s advancement. The linear environment offers an incredible perspective to succeed in that endeavor. The chaos of energy unfocused in your current culture can affect how you perceive yourself. A clear path can be elusive while endeavoring to move through the reality.

Many feel unsettled while questioning their path to fulfillment. We would suggest a visual of your experience.

See the vastness of your experience in the ocean as it brings the sand unto the beach.

Know that each grain of sand gathered can ultimately create a castle. Now, the sand will not do that on its own. It is your imagination that designs the castle, while the sand follows your direction.

There may be hinderance as the waves of the ocean lap too closely to your creation, but if the castle is positioned properly, the foundation of the castle can and will persevere.

Aim distinctly at a life that revolves around a positive outlook.

See your creations flourishing while the energy ebbs and flows in this huge environment of the physical.

Yes, there is chaos, but through your guidance each grain of sand will create a castle if you decide so.

It does take focus to gather the right culmination of energy. Yes, there are rocky moments where it all looks improbable.

Gather yourself.

By believing anything is possible, there is hope.

Begin by gathering the sand.

See your castle.

Begin building.”


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