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So blessed to now be bone cancer free & have the BEST family/friends!

Health is not always valued till sickness comes.


“At only 21, I was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer, in my femur bone, after graduating from UCSD back in 2000. At the time, I was NOT seriously doing everything I could in the area of prevention! I started exercising some and eating better, but the damage was done and the tumor board suggested I start daily chemotherapy and radiation right away.

Due to the aggressive side effects, exercising and eating were no longer possible for me, so I had to be hospitalized and live on the oncology floor as they injected me with poisons with other sick people much older than I was. I had always been aware that fruits and vegetables were good food choices; however, I just never seemed to get enough of them in my diet simply because I hated the way they tasted. I even attempted juicing because a nutritionist had suggested that I juice for better health! Juicing on a regular basis did not last long for me. To be honest, I found juicing was expensive, messy and time consuming!

I also wasted a lot of produce, and often felt I was pouring money down the drain which didn’t make me happy! When a friend and doctor introduced me to Juice Plus+ and told me it was 17 fruits and vegetables in a capsule or chewable form, I started my research and investigation, as did my friends and family members. Shortly after, we all added Juice Plus+ to our diets right away! Juice Plus+ was convenient and affordable since it cost us less than $1.50 a day and was free for anyone 4-college with an adult order! With fruits and vegetables in a capsule, I discovered this was also an EASY way to get good nutrition into my diet regularly!

How R U preventing sickness/disease? How we spend time & money is a choice. R U worth $1.39/day for Juice Plus+?

I realized that cancer, and all diseases for that matter, are influenced by diet; I was determined not to let my medical problem repeat itself. I began reading medical literature on the connection between diet and health. My family and I consumed volumes about nutrition and subscribed to every nutritional journal we could find. I learned that my life essentially depended upon eating the right foods and taking the right supplements, so that is what I did. During my quest for what constitutes good health, I devoured books and articles about supplements and discovered that one of the secrets of good heath is to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables that contain disease fighting chemicals called “phyto-(plant) nutrients.”

As I studied the parade of supplements out there, I concluded that whatever supplement I take must make sense and have good scientific research behind it, which is how I decided on Juice Plus+, the whole food based supplement with 17 raw, vine-ripened fruits and vegetables juiced and then dried at low temperatures, removing the water, sugar, salt, contaminants and bulk! They found a way to place these nutrients into capsules, chewables, and gummies, and I’m so excited to be able to share it with others!”

Your Partner in Great Health,

LAURA FARAGO Wellness Consultant NSA/Juice PLUS+
858-922-6770 (cell) (Product) (Business)

..after all the healing,

a new stage in life begins for this WOMAN of ACTION,

Brava Laura !!!


“… with this Ring, I thee wed ”

After years of faith, healing and love … and JuicePlus!

“Mr. & Mrs. Craig & Laura (Farago) Massei” were Born


________LoveYou____________LoveYou ______LoveYouLoveYou_______LoveYouLoveYou ____LoveYouLoveYouLove___LoveYouLoveYouLove ___LoveYouLoveYouLoveYouLoveYouLove_______Love __LoveYouLoveYouLoveYouLoveYouLove_________Love


“Laura’s love, Craig

was so supportive when she was at her lowest, during her deepest depression.”

________LoveYou____________LoveYou ______LoveYouLoveYou_______LoveYouLoveYou ____LoveYouLoveYouLove___LoveYouLoveYouLove ___LoveYouLoveYouLoveYouLoveYouLove_______Love __LoveYouLoveYouLoveYouLoveYouLove_________Love

Craig Massei and Laura Farago, we Celebrate both of YOU !!!

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