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INSPIRATIONAL WINDOW – World Peace through the eyes of a Woman

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Women: Silent Players in a Silent Crisis in the Sahel

Thanks to recurrent drought and a dangerous combination of high grain prices and environmental and security degradation, there is a severe food and livelihood crisis, affecting millions of people who live within -- and around -- the Sahel region. In the Sahel, as in most of the world, women make up the majority of small-scale farmers. (..) According to the FAO, investing in women smallholder farmers would result in significant gains in the fight against hunger. Eight million people are … [Read more...]

SYRIA – The United Nations doubled its appeal for aid funds on Thursday

The United Nations doubled its appeal for aid funds The United Nations doubled its appeal for aid funds on Thursday to help thousands of refugees fleeing the violence in Syria, the majority of whom are women and children. The World Food Programme (WFP) described the refugees' position as increasingly dramatic even though host countries were continuing to accept new arrivals. "Their situation has become more vulnerable in host countries. What little cash they had is over and they need our … [Read more...]

SHIRLEE HALL – BE Embracing the Mystery: Excerpt 5

BE Embracing the Mystery "... There is an Arabic saying: "If you wish to know God, you must know yourself." As you learn to consciously identify with your divine nature, the greater is the joy of the soul. Once you choose to seek pleasure of the higher order, you breathe a new rhythm, the door opens and the power and presence of God brings out the perfection and beauty of the sublime life. If there is a physical body, it stands to reason that there is a spiritual one. … [Read more...]

VERONICA – Clutter in the Linear

A Message from VERONICA Clutter in The Linear "Participating in life with the best intent and desire can still leave one feeling despondent over the lack of progress. "Life" surely appears to get in the way of spiritual awareness. Some religious movements prescribe the leaving of linear pursuits to embrace only spiritual. Others embrace a focusing of thought while still others teach a symbolic regimen of ritual to clear one's path to heaven. With all the methods … [Read more...]

Nicaragua – Women who managed to produce their own food

Women who managed to produce their own food On her first visit to Nicaragua, WFP Executive Director, Ertharin Cousin, met a group of women who managed to produce their own food, generate income and even open bank accounts for the first time in their lives. Cousin asked the women about their husbands’ feelings in regards to the women’s roles in a male-led community. MANAGUA. The Russian-built Mi 171 helicopter landed softly in a field of the Apantillo community, some 200 kilometers … [Read more...]

WOMEN in RECOVERY – ‘BEING’ in the Moment expands Your ‘BEING.’

“Listen like you will never be hurt” – without fear, in the present. It means letting go of the memories of past hurts, and of not worrying about whether the love will last – just enjoying it for the moment. Ask yourself: “How would I listen, if I was guaranteed not get hurt”? Would I listen with trust, with faith, with joy, with harmony? 'BEING' in the Moment ... expands Your 'BEING.'   It's easy to get busy in life trying to do everything at once. You … [Read more...]

INSPIRATIONAL WINDOW – Freedom is a Woman’s Human Right

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WHO has just released the second edition of ‘Safe Abortion’

Second edition of 'Safe Abortion' Since first publication of this guidance in 2003, a considerable amount of new data have been produced and published, relating to epidemiological, clinical, service delivery, legal and human rights aspects of providing safe abortion care. Therefore, preparation for this revision of the guidance included extensive literature review and updating of recommendations related to service delivery, legal and policy issues, and the conduct of new systematic reviews … [Read more...]

SHIRLEE HALL – BE Embracing the Mystery: Excerpt 4

BE Embracing the Mystery "...If you are committed in seeking truth and loving the journey, you will be able at some point on the road toward completeness to establish an intimate relationship with our invisible friends. They are willing companions whose love, light and wisdom enrich our lives immeasurably. Angels desire to share and assist in the area of spiritual growth, helping us move quickly toward the unique spiritual destiny that is designated for the children of God. … [Read more...]

Susanna Vardanyan – WOMAN of ACTION™

A Celebration of Women™ is elated to Celebrate the Life of this trail blazing powerhouse, a pioneer in the women's movement. This woman is an obstetrician-gynecologist by training and working for a long time in the State University Center of Family Planning and Sexual Health, in Yerevan. After the collapse of the Soviet Union I got actively involved in women's movement, once the chance for that appeared, becoming one of the pioneers of the movement in Armenia. WOMAN of … [Read more...]

SIOBHAN WILCOX – Quote Action of the Day

Your "QuoteAction" of the day: "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."Author, Poet and Philosopher, Henry David Thoreau Your Action for today is ... 'to spend a few moments looking at a framed painting you have at home and reconnect with the feelings it evokes'. Have an extraordinary day! Wishing you Love, Light and Peace in your day. Siobhan Wilcox Be the change that you what to see! Siobhan Wilcox 3435 Camino Del Rio … [Read more...]

WOMEN in RECOVERY – Procrastination

Procrastination As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. Your success will come from facing your challenges when they arise and discovering new paradigm solutions. You will have opportunities to pinpoint and resolve many longstanding issues during this cycle. The key here is staying in the present and addressing what is there, when it is in front of you. This means avoiding the temptation to 'procrastinate'. It … [Read more...]

INSPIRATIONAL WINDOW – The Celebration Pebble has Dropped

Take Action~~the Celebration Pebble has Dropped   … [Read more...]

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