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is elated to Celebrate the Life yet another amazing woman that rose above circumstance of great challenge.
She persevered, survived, followed her heart and now thrives; living her dreams … a true power of example for all the Women of our World. The primary message of this woman to the Women of our World is in the following statement:


” … finally at 50 years old, I took my first art class. I loved it and my true life expression was born. “


It’s NEVER TOO LATE to follow Your Dreams!!!


Sheila Denaburg

Prior to becoming an artist, taught Secondary School for three years in Laval, Quebec

My late parents had given me a gift of being able to speak publically.

My mother wrote plays and narrated them and my father was a lawyer.

It has taken me many years to say positive things about my parents.

Because of my childhood and experiences in my marriage, it became a natural attraction to study parenting education. I still work as a parenting educator part time. But it came after a long period in my life, a time to honor my parents and look at the good they strived for in me in the best way they knew how. Ironically, I was absolutely terrified of speaking in a group until my thirties yet ended up becoming a teacher and sales trainer.

Teaching parenting education and classroom management to parents and teachers became my focus for fifteen years: “to raise cooperative, encouraged, happy children – democratically with dignity, respect and social interest”.



Along with the parenting work, finally at 50 years old, I took my first art class. I loved it and my true life expression was born.

How it happened:

My childhood friend from Winnipeg became an artist in Toronto. We met again and unexpectedly. She introduced me to an amazing teacher. The late Peter Kolysnik.

He developed his distinctly pure style following his training at Western Technical School. The artist was the recipient of several awards, including Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council grants. His impressive exhibition record includes exhibitions throughout North America. The Art Gallery of Ontario circulated a solo travelling show in 1980. Peter had been actively involved with Station Gallery over many decades as a generous donor, exhibiting artist and a very popular experimental painting instructor.

I am reminded here of the words of his student and friend, Joan Attersley, when she referred to Peter as “a national treasure under the guise of a very modest man.” Another of his former students, Tony Romano (an internationally-known artist scheduled to present his work at the Gallery in 2010) has cited Peter as a deep influence during his formative years. He had a profound impact on many individuals through the years and will be greatly missed.

I think there evolves a profound connection with some of the people you meet along the way. So I became an artist, after years of loving other artists, melting over their work and never knowing I had a “personal line or mark” that I make.


being listened to are all part of a deep need within people.

And I think if you are not feeling as good as you want to feel, you may be just waiting for your next teacher.

Now experiencing life as a full time artist,

I thank my teachers who showed me this path, even though I decided against it at five while in kindergarten.


Now many years later, I made it. I am an artist. And it feels really good.

Sheila Denaburg, has been exploring her interests in art for several years. She has an extensive body of work primarily in figurative and expressionistic genres. Using form and colour, she establishes an emotional attachment with a whimsical sense of humour. The works cause admirers and collectors alike to be reminded of Kokoshka , Soutine or later works of Henry Matisse.

Art Critic Commentary Highlights: Mina Kan, art dealer and gallery owner in Bisbee, Arizona comments: “The works appear three dimensional and the colors are very exciting”, “the pieces are of great interest for their emotional content and compositions.”

Peter Kolisnyk, artist and teacher (who has his permanent collections of work at the Art Gallery of Ontario, OTT Art Gallery and the Winnipeg Art Gallery) found Sheila’s work “not like work done in North America and are amazing”.

Being featured at a myriad of art expositions in Toronto and Montreal. Sheila has earned particular recognition from the juried show of the Canadian Artists Society in Montreal, Quebec. In 2010, Sheila generously donated her “whimsy collection” to support the relief effort  in Haiti via UNICEF.

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Is it true everyone you encounter is your teacher? Now that I know it is true, it makes life so much more enjoyable. 

I believe this and perhaps have lately opened my eye to see “less“ drama on the canvas. I have slowly begun to take up greater positive content in people’s lives . My struggle is to create resting spaces not only in my world but on the canvas.

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Brava Sheila !!!

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