WOMAN of ACTION – Lisa Lockwood

A Celebration of Women…

is honored to share with the Women of Our World, a lady that has walked the walk, made the changes life required and maintained the grace enough to Care and Succeeds in helping others to do the same, still today.

In her own words,

… “There are things we can do in our lives which affect us and those around us for the better. They may affect us emotional or physically. They can be large things or small things. They may be something which changes our outlook on our lives or they may be small tiny things which just make our lives easier. Many people look at their lives and want to change it. They are dissatisfied and think if they can change things they will be a better person they will have a different outlook. … “

“Change is a hard thing and not as easy as it can look.”


Lisa Lockwood

Lisa is here….. for the Women of Our World!

Welcome to this tireless WOMAN of ACTION!

Lisa Lockwood faced her Life directly Head on and watch how it unfolded……remember now, she started from humble and meagre beginnings, as a Child….

No Ivy League for Lisa Lockwood.

Lisa has used the Challenges in her life, to enable her to grow and share such experiences.

From humble beginnings, she reinvented herself as a Miss Illinois-USA contestant, a U.S. Air Force Desert Storm veteran, victim of domestic violence, the first (and only) female member of her S.W.A.T team, and a highly decorated narcotics and undercover detective in the Chicago area.

Be Your Own Hero

Domestic Violence Stops With You!

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, Lisa shares her experience as a “Survivor”.

This inspirational keynote presentation delivers hope, and a new level of consciousness to people who believed Domestic Violence effects the minority. Lisa shares how she overcame her personal experiences with domestic violence and later became an advocate for domestic violence victims.

Her Voice has been shown through the Publication of her own Novel: Undercover Angel: From Beauty Queen to S.W.A.T. Team. , where she uses her own life experiences to share with women how challenge in life , when faced straight on, can create a self metamorphosis that lifts you up way above your wildest dreams!

“Undercover Angel is the inspirational memoir of a woman who uses her beguiling femininity to take on the Mafia, infiltrate drug rings, and apprehend Internet child sex offenders. She swiftly trades her high heels for combat boots, however, enlisting in the U.S. Air Force before becoming a law enforcement officer. Because of her deceptively feminine appearance, Lisa soon begins to take on dangerous undercover roles, such as a wayward Hooter’s waitress, a drug-addicted prostitute, and even a fourteen-year-old girl in an Internet pedophile investigation.

Lisa with Janet Davies

The book opens with one of Lisa’s first undercover assignments: infiltrating a Mafia-tied fencing operation by posing as a stripper. She then recounts the trials of growing up in a nine-member, welfare-dependant family. Labeled a misfit by neighborhood bullies, Lisa nevertheless perseveres, self-financing her education and competing in the Miss Illinois-USA pageant. “ ….a Must Read.

Lisa served Her Country……


Live Military Service…

Military Service:

  • U.S. Air Force – Airman of the Year Worldwide 1992
  • Airmen of the Year base-wide 1991
  • Air Force Commendation Medal 1993
  • Good Conduct Medal 1989-1993
  • National Air Defense Medal 1992
  • Southwest Asia Service Medal 1992
  • Outstanding Service Medal 1990
  • Veteran of Foreign Wars – Operation Desert Storm 1992

Joined the Chicago Police Department to earn Honors:


SWAT Training 2003

Law Enforcement:

  • Officer of the Year 2002
  • Grand Cordon (2)
  • Exceptional Service (3)
  • Unit Citations (2)
  • Master of Science

With the coming of the New Millenium, Lisa reached a point in her Life whereby she was enabled to share with others her experience, strength and start to teach all the possibilities that so many are not aware of; and she became one of the world’s Leading Coaches and Speakers, because Lisa speaks through the words of Wisdom of experience and not only words learned from a book…………

Lisa has LIVED through what she teaches you…

You Too can TRANSFORM Your LIFE!

Additionally, she has trained as a public speaker, delivered numerous lectures, and developed orientation and training seminars for new police recruits.

She currently lives in Montreal, where she is a writer and motivational speaker.

Lisa smiling with the Awesome Lisa Nichols!

Testimonial: Lisa Lockwood is an inspirational speaker. The members of my women’s network were simply awestruck at Lisa’s inner strength and phenomenal courage. Lisa will capture the heart of any audience and motivate them to conquer any conceivable obstacle. Sherry Thacker, President and Founder of The Women’s Entrepreneurial

Lisa teaches the wisdom that one and all have the Power to rise above one’s Limitations and….as she says:


Teaches the Power of Reinvention

Millions of people have seen her on ABC, NBC,

CNN, NBC and Fox .

Lisa’s expertise has been featured on

Donny Deutsch and Nancy Grace.

TODAY, Lisa experiences JOY through the Love and Friendships she Allows Herself to have:

Lisa in the Dominican Republic with “Family” EXPERIENCING the….

Life she RE-INVENTED !


Lisa Lockwood: http://lisalockwood.com

Lisa’s Blog: http://lisalockwoodblog.com/

Lisa Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lisa-Lockwood-Reinvention-Expert/43852408014

Lisa Lockwood’s Reinvention 101 Presentation – Learn how to get what you want and deserve today!

We’ve all done it. Reinvented ourselves, that is, in some way, shape or form. Many of us have had great successes and learning experiences that has helped us adapt to our new identities. In Reinvention 101, you will learn what causes the need to reinvent, how to reinvent effectively and the tell-tale signs of when it’s time to do it again.

A Celebration of Women

sends our congratulations and gratitude to this Power of Example to all Women.

Brava Lisa!

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